Letters to the Editor

Lodal letter: Russia in Syria

There is a multifaceted disaster unfolding in Syria amid a heartless civil war. The journalistic and political geniuses have stated that they feel Vladimir Putin is “showing up” President Obama with Russia’s entry into this debacle. Perhaps a different point of view needs to come into this analysis.

In Iraq and in Syria, the USA is demonized regardless of what actions it takes. And numerous times, the rebels or nascent armed forces we have supported have retreated or surrendered or been quickly killed while the ISIS murderers have then commandeered the military hardware that the U.S. provided (and we, the taxpayers, paid for) to these incompetent warriors.

So now Russia sends in its air force, cruise missiles, and some number of ground troops to bomb ISIS and the nitwit rebels we tried to support. It is clear they are supporting the tyrant and war criminal Bashar Al-Assad. This is viewed as showing up the USA? I say we sit back and watch Russia drown in this quagmire. Taking more action to help address the refugee crisis while avoiding direct military involvement in this vicious street fight sounds like the best path forward to me. Good luck, Vlad.

John Lodal, Boise