Letters to the Editor

Ollie letter: West Ada School District

Recall actions divide communities. The West Ada recall action headed up by a former superintendent and board member derails the opportunity for the board and administrators to move forward. The recent op-ed by Skip Oppenheimer and Rod Gramer comes off as outsiders getting involved in the business of those who live and vote in West Ada, their elected board of trustees.

The West Ada community response to the recall group and those who seem determined to comment on the “locals” is beginning to take shape. Whether Republican or Democrat, liberal or libertarian, coffee party or tea party, most people I speak with are of one mind. They support local control. They want their trustees to do their jobs. They do not want anyone from outside their zone organizing a recall against their elected trustee.

We who live in the district can act to unite instead of to divide the district. Healthy government at all levels depends on “we the people.” We the people can refuse to sign the recall petitions.

Mary Ollie, Meridian