Letters to the Editor

Giles letter: Clinton’s emails

What does it matter, they ask? I am very troubled with the reaction of the crowd at the Democratic debate, and some candidates, who do not see the Clinton email debacle as a problem. It is.

The information a secretary of state deals with on a daily basis is often very sensitive because it deals with issues related to our national security or that of our allies. There are very specific rules and regulations that must be followed to protect any information that could have a very dramatic effect on our nation’s survival.

Individuals in the military or other departments that deal with such critical information are held to a very high standard and rightly so. Careers have been damaged or ruined for infractions much less significant than that to which she has admitted. Her indifference to the potential for significant damage to national security programs or our national security is unacceptable.

As president she would have access to even more critical information, and her careless handling of this kind of information followed by her defense that can be characterized as a shoulder shrug is dangerous and not befitting a future president.

Tom Giles, Boise