Letters to the Editor

Edwards letter: New traffic patterns

Do Boise drivers not understand “new traffic pattern” signs or the newly painted streets downtown? I travel on 11th Street twice a day and people are driving as if the street still has four lanes plus parking spots.

In fact, 11th Street now has only two lanes, a bike lane plus parking spots. Technically, I believe it is illegal to cross solid white lines but when you get to the intersection of 11th and Front streets people are trying to make a right-turn lane out of the bike lane and parking spots. I’ve actually had to ask a lady to stop and let me turn right when I have been in the only marked lane and remind her she was blocking the bike lane and sitting in a parking spot.

It’s bad enough that only so many cars can fit between the lights at Front and Grove streets, but when people start making their own lanes it creates chaos and tempers start to flare.

Karen Edwards, Boise