Letters to the Editor

Vrbanac letter: Politicians

Mad as heck: When are the citizens of the U.S. going to wake up and realize that the career politicians are conning us. Fire all the federal politicians in this next election and elect all outsiders. They can’t do any worse than what we have. The current politicians do nothing to get the country back on track and they treat illegal aliens better than our injured military and law-abiding citizens. Donald Trump might sound crazy but I think he knows how much we mistrust the current crop of politicians in Washington, D.C. He’s used to getting his way and if elected we need to elect every Republican we can to the House and Senate so there will be no more excuses. Don’t put us in the middle again between the Democrats and the Republicans so they can play off each other and get nothing done. Even if you lean to the Democrats, elect only Democrats to the House and Senate to take away the excuses. At this point we have no representation, so try something new. Call your senator and congressman and tell them you want lobbyists outlawed; email or call them every week until they get the message.

John Vrbanac, Meridian