Letters to the Editor

Sirhall letter: Idaho water

I’ve read and reread Daren Coon’s Oct. 9 Guest Opinion addressing an Idaho water plan. I have a couple of points to raise. First, I’ve known Atty. Gen. Lawrence Wasden since our days at the Idaho Tax Commission and I find it a bit difficult to believe that the Attorney General’s Office would sanction the water management proposal as Coon has described. While it may be possible, I would like to see the actual proposal. My second point stems from his comments the the proposal would be “... disastrous to crops, lawns and gardens.” In the new age of global warming and its immediate impact on water distribution, we cannot afford to take water from agriculture for lawns and gardens. And, in this respect, rather than tilting at windmills, I’d like to see Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho, working to build a consensus to protect Idaho water. I can most assuredly say that as moisture distribution patterns change, more populous states will continue to eye the Snake River. This is an issue that transcends politics. I do not care what party a person belongs to. We must lock arms, all of us, and protect Idaho water for agricultural use.

Larry Sirhall, Boise