Letters to the Editor

Osterhout letter: Medicare cards

When you first enroll in Medicare and receive your ID card you might notice your Social Security number is printed for all to see. You are advised to always carry the card and yet we’re warned to guard our Social Security number from exposure to identity theft. On Oct.10 I left my wallet in a cart at the Winco store on Front Street. Whoever found it has not returned it to me or the store. I keep a copy of everything I carry so was able to notify my credit card and bank. However, when I notified Medicare, the best they can do is send a replacement card in four to six weeks.

I heard a news story recently that there has been a proposal for sometime now to issue new cards using a number other than Social Security number, but Congress has not provided the funding necessary to carry out the effort. Please consider contacting our congressmen to encourage them to provide the funding required to issue new cards using a number other than our Social Security numbers. This is a glaring threat to protecting one’s identity but unlike so many other of these threats this one has an obvious fix.

Ruth Osterhout, Boise