Letters to the Editor

Decker letter: Cyclists-pedestrians

Bicycle safety receives much attention in our communities these days — and rightfully so. There is another issue involving bicycles that needs attention — pedestrian safety.

I walk often on the Greenbelt near BSU. Almost daily I am ambushed by a cyclist. A few days back a bicycle rushed by from the rear without warning, so close I could feel the breeze as he passed. I’ve been almost hit by bike mirrors as they pass from behind, mirrors almost clipping my shoulder. I recently saw a biker texting on Bannock at about 7 a.m., paying no attention to traffic and another on 19th stopped in a conversation with a friend about 50 feet off State Street. And then on Oct. 14, while crossing 8th Street on Jefferson, a biker almost hit me. He was riding south on the northbound only 8th Street. I’ve seen bikes riding against traffic many times over the past couple of years.

If the bikers want the respect of motorists, which they deserve, they must reciprocate with pedestrians who are equally deserving. Bikers need to follow the rules of the road and offer the same respect and courtesy they demand.

David Decker, Eagle