Letters to the Editor

Child tracking

“We want to see more states build comprehensive systems that track students from pre-K through college and then link school data to workforce data. We want to know whether Johnny participated in an early learning program and completed college on time and whether those things have any bearing on his earnings as an adult.” (Arne Duncan, Education Secretary)

Is that what we want? Government spending our money to make guinea pigs out of our kids; tracking them throughout their life? That’s what we’ll get if we elect politicians who promise government will “help” us. Really, all they’re doing is helping themselves to big chunks of our money ... to pay their friends to do all this tracking, and to stuff into their own pockets. Success should be determined by the individual, not some government outfit.

We need nonpoliticians working to keep government’s nose out of our business. We’ll define our own success, thank you very much.

Sheila Ford, Caldwell