Letters to the Editor

Elect Dave Bieter

Boise is a wonderful place to live. I am grateful to Mayor David Bieter and our City Council for keeping it that way, with thoughtful, creative and practical policies. Although I understand why others might want the job of Boise mayor, I don’t know why anyone would want to vote for Bieter’s opponents. Our leadership isn’t broken, it’s strong, experienced, and effective — and we should keep it this way. Further, I would be absolutely ashamed to have Judy Peavey-Derr as our mayor. Her characterization of our refugee population as “blight” was abhorrent, yet I don’t doubt it reflects her true beliefs. I agree with Bieter that our refugee community brings vibrancy and diversity to our city. Please vote to re-elect Mayor Bieter on Nov. 3.

Bonnie Shuster, Boise