Letters to the Editor

West Ada levy

Linda Clark is gone. The school board, teachers, students and parents remain with a vote on a two-year levy coming Tuesday. During her tenure Linda did an excellent job. The district’s infrastructure and organization at this time is sound.

Many of us were not privy to all the happenings leading up to Linda’s resignation. It is important to remember when dealing with people and conflict to deal in a patient, listening, fair and caring manner instead of a rush to judgment. Win-win is always better than win-lose.

The most important thing is to remember that the strength of the district lies with the teachers in the classrooms who work daily to provide relevant and meaningful educational experiences for each student. Those educators are the foundation and strength of our district.

Don’t let the past conflict take your eyes off the most important thing we are dealing with and that is giving our educators the needed tools and time to work with the students. I encourage you to look to the future and the real strength of our district and vote yes on the upcoming school levy.

Rex Johnson, Meridian