Letters to the Editor

Meridian library bond

I have lived in Meridian for over 20 years and observed the growth within this community and the entire valley. There is a need for the building of two additional libraries in Meridian and voters have a chance to pass a $12 million bond Tuesday. The bond doesn’t raise our taxes a great deal from what we were paying for with the previous bond which was paid off in July; in fact they are only raised about $3/$100,000 value of your property. This may seem like a lot to you, or simply that you don’t want anything to raise your taxes, and for the most part I would agree. However providing a great asset for the community that libraries do seems like the right thing to do, especially now with the changing technology our children deal with, people my age, and our senior citizens who need help working their way through processes that can only be accomplished with the use of a computer. I am not putting a lot of the details in of the bond here, since you can go to http://yesformeridianlibrary.org and learn everything about it. Please get out and vote yes.

Victoria Henderson, Meridian