Letters to the Editor

West Ada levy

The new West Ada board members have chosen to try and destroy the functional and successful system by disrespecting the superintendent. Linda Clark has been a constant champion for the district for many years and a key component in the growth of the district. Now the board wants to change that success. I feel we have been lied to by the new members with their outrageous claims. I have lived in the district for many years and have voted for all of the requests for more money. Clark has resigned because of these personal attacks. I will no longer vote to approve any more money as long as the new members are seated on the board. Without Clark’s leadership and experience the district will be impacted. I urge patrons to also vote no and sign the recall petition to send the board a message that we do not trust their agendas that are being put above the welfare of the district. This board should concentrate on the continual success of the district, not wasting time fixing something that is not broken. If this levy fails, the board members can only blame their lack of professionalism.

Rod Walters, Meridian