Letters to the Editor

West Ada levy

Reading all the actions of the West Ada trustees and Superintendent Linda Clark, I think back to one newly elected trustee who described Clark’s contract as “profane,” and as things unfolded I would suggest the actions were “messy” and more like “dirty politics” than a dispute between highly educated individuals. I commend Clark for not stooping to her adversaries’ level exchanging charges.

I only hope they get enough signatures on the recall to get rid of the troublemakers who did not even have the courtesy to include her in their executive meeting. Meantime, let’s all pray the bond measure passes.

As to that lawsuit against the state saying it violates the law for free education when the kids have to provide their tablets, pens, pencils etc. I am 92 years old, attended public schools in Montana, Washington and Alaska and always had to buy No.2 pencils, lined tablets and dish towel to embroider. And I had to supply my own pen to do the Palmer penmanship course. My grandfather made my pens from quills we got from the wing feathers. He was a marvel with his pocket knife, could sharpen my pencils perfectly smooth, and they lasted a long time.

Bettymae Ridley, Boise