Letters to the Editor

West Ada levy

I am quite surprised that more hasn’t been said on the overrun of $4.5 million with the elementary school being built in the West Ada School District. To me this is much more of an issue than the continuing saga between the board of trustees and superintendent. How do you make a mistake of this magnitude when cost-estimating the building of a school? Their spokesperson blames it on having to bring infrastructure to the site. If you are building on a new site, of course you have to bring in all the utilities, sounds like they are reaching for excuses. Then the same person goes on to say that they were saving on other projects so that would help with the overrun. Maybe that savings should go towards not having to have another levy increase? This district just continues to want more and more money, but how can we trust that they are using it in the right way if they are making such huge mistakes with the money they have? I am going to think long and hard before I vote for another levy increase. By the way, I had 36 students in elementary class 1959.

Jim Michaelson, Boise