Letters to the Editor

Elect Andy Hawes

I encourage fellow Boiseans to get out and vote next week for our local elections. I am a 74-year-old Boise native and I will be there. I will be happy to cast my vote for Andy Hawes for Boise City Council. Hawes’ opponent has been on the City Council for over 10 years. It’s good to get a change of guard now and then. Career politicians may be well-intentioned, but I think they start to lose momentum and perspective after awhile. I find Hawes to be full of new ideas, vision and passion for Boise. I’ve seen Boise grow tremendously over my lifetime, but there is more to Boise than growth and Foothills management. I think some of our current council members have been stuck on the same issues for far too long. Wouldn’t it be great to get a nice big dose of enthusiasm and energy in Boise’s leadership? Even an old lady like me can appreciate that. Vote for new leadership, vote for Andy Hawes.

Susan Creed, Boise