Letters to the Editor

Elect Andy Hawes

I am writing to support Andy Hawes for Boise City Council Seat 5. He is a longtime friend and I feel he would be a great leader for Boise. I was diagnosed with cancer shortly after retiring from the Air Force and the Department of Veterans Affairs were not reviewing my claim in the appropriate amount of time. I needed the help of Sen. Mike Crapo but I was unsure of whom to contact. When I mentioned my struggles with the VA, Andy went out of his way to help me and got hold of Senator Crapo’s office for me. I was contacted shortly after, Sen. Crapo’s office helped me, and the VA quickly addressed my concerns. Andy is also one of my only friends to visit me in the hospital when I had heart issues as a result of chemotherapy. Andy’s compassion for others and his genuine desire to help people will make him an excellent choice for Boise. I encourage every voter to consider Andy Hawes for Boise City Council.

Jeremy Kitzhaber, Boise