Letters to the Editor

Elect Andy Hawes

I am curious why there isn’t more coverage of the Boise City Council elections. There are challengers to the incumbents and we haven’t heard anything from the media. Why? Is the media in the incumbents’ pocket? I, and I think most of Boiseans, are for term limits, and since the powers-that-be don’t want to give up that power, the only way to limit terms is to have credible challengers bring new ideas to the current regime. Elaine Clegg is being challenged by Andy Hawes. Clegg has served the council well and now it is time for change. The last time we allowed a Boise city government to serve this long was Brent Coles, and we all remember how that turned out. Vote out the incumbents who have served Boise well. Time to move to fresh ideas and perspectives. I am voting for Andy Hawes.

Mark Richmond, Boise