Letters to the Editor

Letter: Idaho Power

Idaho electric ratepayers take note, you could be paying for a boondoggle $21 million “redundant” transmission line to be built in Blaine County, a line that is only separated by yards from the existing line and that would have been useless in the 2009 Christmas power outage, as there was no power coming into the substation at Hailey. In order to reduce political opposition to its proposal, Idaho Power has reworked the undergrounding cost north of the hospital to Sun Valley and Ketchum residents from $14 million to $2 million through paper manipulation. A Citizens Committee member explained to me, “Through some really creative engineering (physical and financial), they now have a cost estimate of under $2 million.” We could use some of that creative engineering to not only work for Sun Valley residents, but all Idaho ratepayers. At the same time that Idaho Power is crushing the community’s solar plant plans at Ohio Gulch, it is attempting to shove down our throats this transmission line in our scenic corridor. We need more from Idaho Power than a 62-foot-high power industrial “dumb” transmission line right on Highway 75. We need a true plan for energy security in all of Idaho.

Kiki Tidwell, Hailey