Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Fishing, solar, Crapo ad


Your outdoor writer, Jordan Rodriguez, continues to write in a style that is nothing other than what is known as hot spotting. My own expanded definition of this term is to point everyone to a specific river or lake and guarantee it gets fished out. One example, “Mormon reservoir is producing big fish.” Months later he writes, “What happened to all the fish in Mormon Reservoir” He quotes the Fish and Game stating they believe the lake was overfished. You think?

I offered Jordan help. But instead he writes “The Owyhee river” is the only game in town. Most recently, he wrote an article on how the fish are spawning in the Owyhee and it is time to go. Although this may be legal, it is totally unethical. With growth in the area comes increased pressure. I think those of us who cherish the local resources can live with that, especially when the true angler is trying to figure it out and enjoys being outdoors.

But when local media “hot spots” our resources under the guise of “outdoor writing,” this ticking time bomb will ensure an end to what we have all come to enjoy in our great state.

Gene Gallegos, Meridian

Solar panels

Recently, I received a letter from Idaho Power stating that the power that I generate from my solar panels would be reduced from 8 cents per kilowatt-hour to 4 cents a kWh, pending approval, in two months, by the Idaho Public Utilities Commission, a three-member group, tasked with approving all dealings subject to energy. The apostles of all-knowing, about energy. Customers, according to the representative, were installing solar systems on their homes and pricing out regular residential customers. So if Idaho Power must pay solar customers for the power they produce, they, in turn, will raise the rates of residential customers to enable them to pay their CEO, his million-dollar annual salary. But hang on, she went on to tell me that, those unable to afford energy, will also be affected, how genuine I thought? We wouldn’t want the CEO of IDACORP INC, to be affected.

A major misconception that the public is unaware of is the cost associated with maintaining solar panels — replacement cost, maintenance, and monitoring programs all fall on the owner. No generation is conducted by my system at night, cloudy days, or for maintenance reasons.

Steve Graves, Star


Trump trumps everything good in our country. He is allowed to create chaos and destruction, reveling in his abandonment of civility and decency, snubbing his nose at anyone who questions his “genius,” and firing all who would try to change his diabolical course. I cannot think of a time in my lifetime when one person has had so much power to marginalize, corrupt and destroy. Historically, one other person comes to mind – Hitler. And I think Trump’s “rallies” parlay this comparison. (Please don’t give him his tanks.)

Trump marginalizes even good people. Rudy Giuliani “America’s Mayor” appears to be an idiotic clown with questionable sanity, lying and changing his story from sentence to next sentence. Three press secretaries changing character in front of our eyes, fumbling to defend the previous day’s/week’s tweets. And the most recent and disturbing example, Mike Pence, a devout Christian, abandoning his truthfulness, tainting his ability to stand above Trumpness, by saying Trump “did not mean what he said” in calling for the Ukraine and China to dig up dirt on Biden.

Also, think of how he marginalizes Christianity, our democracy, and the Republican party. Trump trumps everything – if we allow him to.

Greg Hegman, Twin Falls

Crapo Ad

I’d like to thank Bob Brown for his well-written letter to the editor (Crapo ad) from October 25. It put some clarity into what’s really behind the odd Crapo ads appearing in the Statesman.

At first glance you’d think Sen. Crapo was “employee of the month” for defending his constituents from the “Socialist” tactics of the federal government. Reality is the senator helped kill a bill that would have given the government leverage to lower the cost of prescription drugs for his constituents. So, in essence, my $1,200/month prescription costs go to the pharmaceutical companies that pay the lobbyists to pay the Statesman for ads that congratulate Sen. Crapo for keeping my prescription costs at $1,200/month.

Maybe I should look at the bright side. Mr. Crapo got his EOTM trophy, and I’m not a dirty “Socialist.”

Tad LaMarche, Boise


The investigations into the Ukraine train wreck continue and we are seeing two different reactions to subpoenas issued for information. There are the sycophant Trumpists who are breaking the law and ignoring the subpoenas. And then there are the brave career State Department professionals who are complying and, by all accounts, telling the truth and exposing what happened. The first group is prioritizing loyalty to the mob-boss-in-chief. It is the second group I wish to address here.

As usual, Donald Trump uses juvenile name-calling within his perverse Twitter feed to intimidate these individuals. Stellar presidential behavior, right? But perhaps the most disgusting behavior is coming from our esteemed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The individuals testifying are career civil servants and they work for this politician. Have we heard a word of support from him for his employees throughout this shameful process? Nothing. Shameful behavior at its finest. Just the kind of supportive boss and high-character leader that we all dream of working for.

A weak and cruel and low IQ mob boss occupies the oval office. The only officials who survive in this administration are boot-licking toadies. And here we have the most apt description for Mike Pompeo.

John Lodal, Boise

Latino students

The Sunday headline of the Statesman read “Latino Students Critical to the Future but lagging Behind,” is utterly unfair. Why should Latino students be held responsible for the achievements of other students? All students should receive an education that will enable them to function in the world. It is not even close to possible that schools should make sure that “all students be successful as evidenced by “test scores” and “post-secondary degrees.”

According to the article, “the state stumbles when it comes to ensuring all Latino students in Idaho schools are successful and prepared for Idaho’s future workforce.” This is pie-in-the-sky territory. Why would that be expected of Latino students when it isn’t true of any other group of students? All students, including special needs students, must engage in the learning process and become successful citizens of their communities to the best of their abilities. It is not Hispanic students that are failing, but rather those who draw conclusions such as “low average test scores among Latinos, few post secondary degrees among Latino adults,” are evidence that that Idaho is not ensuring that “all Latino students are successful in school and prepared for Idaho’s workforce.” Seriously? All?

Marlene Partridge, Garden Valley

Woman’s choice

Mr. Bolton’s letter of Oct. 27 regarding “woman’s choice” is, I suppose, an honest view of how men view an unwanted pregnancy. They are willing to pay their share for an abortion, and if she chooses to keep the baby, it’s totally her responsibility, not his. I wonder what his position would be if the abortion laws change and the mother of his child has no choice but to have the child? Oh wait. He said she could give it up for adoption to a rich couple. I guess he can’t imagine becoming emotionally attached to a child that is part of you for nine months. Oh dear. Unfortunately for him, we now have paternity tests, and his choice to have sex will cause him to pay child support for 18 years. For each child he fathers. Hopefully he will support abortion rights or get himself a vasectomy.

Lori Poublon Ramirez, Meridian


On Oct. 24, the Idaho Statesman, reported that Idaho’s 1st District’s Russ Fulcher was among the Republican Representatives who illegally invaded the impeachment committee’s secure hearing room. It is illegal for unauthorized persons to enter these secured rooms (SCIF). TV also pointed out that this invasion was a threat to national security.

Rep. Fulcher is quoted in the article as saying, in part, he is not protesting the hearings, he is “.....protesting the secrecy of the hearings.” Rep. Fulcher apparently did not know that in the three committees involving impeachment, Republicans have a total of 48 committee members. Republicans have all the same rights (time, questions, etc.) as Democrats.

Where is the secrecy that caused this illegal Republican invasion? Rep. Fulcher had 48 Republicans that he could have asked.

He apparently also did not know that the Republican-led, failed Benghazi inquiry (some years ago) used the same secrecy rules that the Democrats are using now. Also, Sen. Graham and Rep. Trey Gowdy (retired), both Republicans, have recently been shown on TV news clips praising the efficiency of secrecy rules. Hypocrisy?

Given the facts, it would seem that Rep. Fulcher should do his homework first.

Jack Stevens, Boise

Real Republicans

Genuine Republicans, those who reflect the ethos of Abe and Teddy, need to disengage themselves from the Trump cult but, unfortunately, don’t really have a true Republican party to support. If true GOP Republicans can rise above bias and prejudice and place country above Trump, there are several moderate candidates, such as John Kasich, or potential moderates among Democratic hopefuls who are fairly close to what the party would stand for were it to shake off the bonds of Trump, the deplorables, and the Tea Party residue. Real Republicans believe in democracy, support health care, support responsible immigration which recognizes compassion, realize we are in a global society and must work with allies to promote human and civil rights, must oppose totalitarianism, must be concerned and seek to eliminate poverty, would support a well-built infrastructure, would be concerned about the power grid, climate change and the environment. Real Republicans might have different solutions than Democrats but real Republicans are not the party of no. They negotiate, discuss, compromise, seek solutions rather than raise barriers. Their views are critical to sensible discourse. Many real Republicans are out there, they only need a leader.

Lilburn Wesche, Boise


Idaho’s Sens. Risch, Crapo, and Reps. Simpson and Fulcher find themselves in the solemn process of impeachment of the president. Evidence is being gathered in the House of Representatives and will be conveyed to the Senate for trial. It is incumbent upon our representatives to vote for or against the impeachment based on the evidence, and it will be our senator’s obligation to render a verdict upon the president based on the evidence.

The evidence is clear; the president was withholding military aid until Ukraine agreed to investigate the president’s political rival and are clear violations of the Constitution under Article II sec. 4. While this is a blatant violation, Risch, Crapo, Simpson and Fulcher, it is time for you to tell the truth about this president and put country before party. How will you look your family in their eyes when history records how you were derelict in your duties, as children died in cages, Russia was allowed to attack our election process, the very essence of our democracy and the president was engaging in coercion to win election. Your oath and duty are to the Constitution of the United States, not party and not Donald J. Trump.

Thomas Albritton, Weiser