Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Eagle, Boise elections, Trump

Vote Mitchell

I support Jill Mitchell for re-election to Eagle City Council. A longtime Eagle resident and business owner, she cares about our community, is down-to-earth and does her homework. Jill has clear stands on the issues, many of which are growth-related. She strives for managed growth that offers options for people with different lifestyles and budgets. To avoid conflict of interest in reviewing proposed developments, Jill hasn’t accepted donations from developers or large landowners. She opposes Eagle’s annexation of Avimor because of the cost to Eagle taxpayers. Extending city services there would curtail other needed investments in our community and considerably increase our traffic.

Jill opposes the proposed purchase of Eagle Water Company by Suez because Eagle needs to control its own water in the future. She plans to promote Idaho Power’s commitment to 100% clean energy to save the city money and keep our air and water clean. Jill has been successful in working for funding to expand parks and recreation sites, and for the Eagle Museum, Community Center, Senior Center and Public Library – services that contribute to a vibrant community.

Jill Mitchell has worked effectively on behalf of Eagle residents. Please vote for Jill on Nov. 5.

Ann Joslin, Eagle

Vote Bageant

I recently had a very positive experience interacting with Patrick Bageant, one of the candidates for Boise City Council, and wanted to share that experience so other voters may be able to make their own informed decision. I had emailed him a question after receiving a campaign advertising email from him. My question regarded the lawsuit the city of Boise has filed to uphold their right to arrest homeless people sleeping in public places. I really appreciated his choice to contact me via telephone to discuss my question, rather than just replying to my email. We had a productive 20-minute discussion about what we felt were some of the most important issues Boise needs to address at the current time and the competing priorities of some of those issues. I found him to be very knowledgeable, very committed to learning more about the issues City Council members will be asked to consider and very receptive to input from a variety of individuals who might be able to better inform his decisions on each of those issues. I concluded from my conversation with him that this is exactly the type of individual I want representing me on City Council.

Andrea Leeds, Boise

Vote Little Roberts

A mayor who listens. We are voting for Anne Little Roberts for mayor of Meridian. While we love Anne’s pro-business attitude and experience with city government, what really impresses us is her ability to listen and connect with people. Each time we see or hear her speak, we are impressed by her attentive listening, ability to get to the point and her thoughtful answers. She relates to each person with whom she speaks. We appreciate her idea to have times when citizens can meet and share their ideas with the mayor on a monthly basis, even if it is after hours or on a Saturday.

Anne will be a mayor who is not only responsive to our city’s people but, with her ability to listen and connect, she will create an easy and cooperative working atmosphere with our leaders in education, business, public safety and development. As she recently related, our rapidly growing community requires that the mayor’s office have open and effective lines of communication.

If you want a voice in what happens in Meridian, one who can get things done and is a good ambassador for the city, the right candidate for Meridian mayor is Anne Little Roberts.

Allison McClintick and Steve Richardson, Meridian

Replace Bieter

It’s time to replace Mayor Bieter. He has shown that he’s out of touch. The plans for the new library were kept pretty quiet until the grandiose, disruptive project was finally unveiled. In all the “renderings” of the new library, there are no books in sight. Plans include an art gallery, a history museum and meeting rooms; these things already exist within blocks of the library. Most people go to the library to avail themselves of resources like books, videos and periodicals, not to hang out and gaze at the river or take in a gallery showing. It looks like the plans were recycled from one of the famous architect’s previous projects he’d built somewhere else. Not a good use of $11 million, and that’s just the beginning. A new stadium is also unnecessary. The existing stadium has plenty of room and adequate parking. It’s in a good location for a stadium. Plus, we’re paying for a new baseball stadium for Boise State? Why did Mayor Bieter attempt to derail the two initiatives that would let the citizens of Boise decide if they wanted to spend millions and go into debt to fund these huge, unnecessary projects? Out of touch.

Margaret Oliver, Boise

Vote Simison

I’d like to express my enthusiastic support of Robert Simison for mayor of Meridian. I am a native Idahoan with 38 years in the valley, the last 12 in Meridian. I have seen the changes and growth. I believe the facts prove he is the right person to be the next mayor of Meridian.

Robert has been the chief of staff for Mayor Tammy for the past 12 years. In that position, he is directly involved in the development and growth of Meridian and is a key member of the leadership team. His efforts led to the rebuilding of the Meridian Road interchange; creation of the city’s first strategic plan; and a vote by residents to expand the City Council. He has always supported responsible growth with community engagement.

He is very family-focused. I have seen firsthand his strong core values and honest integrity. As mayor, Robert will manage the city’s growth and continue to keep Meridian the best place in Idaho to live. I strongly urge your readers to support Robert Simison for mayor. He will continue to work with the community to keep the city of Meridian a special place to live and raise your family.

Jerry Baker, Meridian

Vote Simison

I am writing to express my support for Robert Simison for Mayor of Meridian. I have been a resident of north Meridian for 11 years, and I am also a business owner in Meridian. I was introduced to Robert at the launch of the Idaho Women’s Business Center at the State Capitol and was immediately struck by his willingness to listen and his understanding of the issues faced by residents in an ever-growing city.

Key issues for me, which I feel Robert is best qualified to address are responsible growth, safe neighborhoods and lots of community engagement. I strongly urge your readers’ enthusiastic support of Robert Simison for Mayor of Meridian.

Sher Brar, Meridian

Eagle campaign donations

I was alarmed to read Kate Talerico’s Oct. 17 article, “Here’s which Eagle mayoral candidates got donations to their campaigns.” The campaign finance filings reveal that Avimor donors are heavily invested in the Eagle City Council race, specifically Jason Pierce and Charles Baun.

Talerico also wrote in September that Dan Richter, general manager and partner at Avimor, told her “Politics change and politicians change.” Avimor is actively trying to gain influence to get Avimor approved despite many Eagle residents’ opposition to the project. Every Eagle resident needs to pay attention to what’s going on right now. If Avimor gets its way, it would comprise at least 40% of Eagle’s size at build-out. Many of our small-town roads would become major thoroughfares of traffic and congestion. Our incredible viewsheds would be destroyed, and most importantly, it would place a large tax burden on Eagle residents.

Our current City Council and mayor have been successful so far in blocking attempts by Avimor to annex. I urge every Eagle resident who cares about preserving our community and rural way of life to re-elect Mayor Stan Ridgeway and council members Jill Mitchell and Stan Bastian.

Tom Brengle, Eagle

Vote Simison

Many of you know me as a straight shooter that speaks frankly. While I can’t vote for the next mayor of Meridian, I will have to work with them, and Robert Simison would be my choice to work with. I have followed the career of Robert Simison very closely. He has been Mayor Tammy’s right-hand person in creating partnerships, developing coalitions and getting neighborhoods behind programs for the past 12 years. He knows how to get things done and he has practiced with the best. He does what he says he will and on the timeline agreed to. Every agency and city in the valley has good relationships and I don’t see that changing with Robert Simison as mayor. He has relationships developed with all those involved in the discussion about how to deal with the growth our county is experiencing, knows the respective laws governing which agency can do what and why, and won’t take time in the learning curve of being mayor of Meridian. Not so with any of his opponents, not by a country mile.

Kent Goldthorpe, Meridian

Nampa school levy

The Nampa School District is running a supplemental levy to maintain and update equipment, technology, certificated teachers, programs and activities. You may ask, “Why should I pay for educating someone else’s children? I paid for mine.” The answer is others helped pay for yours or those children in your community. The main reason is because educated youth contribute to our community by working for our local businesses during high school and are trained and prepared to work after graduation. A large majority of our students go on to college or trade school then return to live and work in Nampa.

You continue to live in Nampa or, like us, moved here because Nampa provides what you want and need to afford to live comfortably and in a great environment. We are retired and moved here from Washington two years ago and support this levy.

Help keep Nampa a great, affordable place to live by voting yes for Nampa School District’s supplemental levy on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Ron and Kay Lynn Higgins, Nampa

Vote McLean

On a recent bike ride with my 4-year-old, I pointed out our nearby elementary school to him. After watching his excitement grow as I listed his neighborhood friends who attend there, I wanted to say I hoped he’d join them next year in kindergarten. I hesitated, then decided against it, remembering that the same month he’ll begin school, the lease is up on the only home he can remember. Our prospects for staying in our home or finding something affordable in the area seem less realistic by the day in a housing market growing ever more exclusive for families like mine. I’ve shared my worries with council president and mayoral candidate Lauren McLean, as have countless others as she’s embarked on a citywide listening tour. I’m generally putting kids to bed during City Council meetings, so I appreciate her commitment to meeting people where they are and genuinely listening to inform her decision-making. This no doubt has inspired her vision for Boise as “a city for everyone” where families like mine can be at ease that the wonderful city we call home today, remains our home tomorrow, which is why I’m supporting Lauren McLean for mayor of Boise.

Colin Nash, Boise

Vote Coles

Based on experience and name recognition, there are four viable candidates for Boise mayor. Three of them are not Bieter, so that’s a good start, but Lauren McLean may as well have the campaign slogan, “Like Bieter, but maybe not quite as bad.” That leaves Brent Coles and Rebecca Arnold, both of whom are excellent choices for Boise's next mayor.

Mr. Coles has been savaged by the press, which seems incapable of not using his name and the word “scandal” in the same sentence. Come on folks; those misdeeds were 16 years ago and he has fully paid the price civilly, financially and emotionally. Do you not believe in the principles of repentance and forgiveness? Do you not believe in second chances and the opportunity to turn one’s life around? If you do, then place your focus instead on his experience, ideas and platform.

We have an opportunity to elect a fiscal conservative who will lower property taxes to prevent people from being taxed out of their own homes. Mr. Coles will also prioritize public money for safety rather than grandiose monuments to his own ego. He was a very good, two-term mayor before and can be again. Go vote.

Neil Parker, Boise

Vote Simison

I will be voting for Robert Simison for mayor of Meridian on Nov. 5. As his wife, I’ve had a front row seat to watch how he has served our community these last 12 years. I am impressed by his integrity and humility. Public service is not all sunshine and roses. He has faced some tough issues and, frankly, some tough individuals over the years. I am amazed at his ability to consider all sides of an issue, treat people fairly and act with integrity. These are qualities I fell in love with and the qualities that will make him an amazing mayor.

He is invested in protecting the quality of life that makes Meridian a great place to live. We have three kids who attend West Ada schools – one in elementary, one in middle school, and one in high school. Robert is committed to working with the school district to actively solve the issues they face. He knows a quality school system is as important to others in this community as it is to him.

Join me in keeping Meridian a great place to live and raise a family – vote for Robert Simison on Nov. 5.

Jenny Simison, Meridian


Trump hates more Americans than any other nationality. He hates more of us than he hates Russians or Chinese. He hates every Democrat and anyone who disagrees with him. He loves to hate. I personally wear his hatred for me like it’s a badge of honor, because it is.

Roy Lunsford, Kuna