Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Eagle, Boise elections

Vote Mitchell

Jill Mitchell is currently serving on Eagle City Council, and I support her re-election. Jill is committed to public service for Eagle’s citizens. Jill was instrumental in the following recent accomplishments of the current Eagle City Council: passed the strongest oil and gas ordinance in the country, decreased the density of several developments, worked with ACHD to prioritize projects in Eagle to improve our infrastructure and purchased property for West Park where there will be softball fields and a dog park. Eagle City Council has been doing other great work for its citizens, but I especially appreciate their efforts to stop fracking near Eagle, prevent the purchase of Eagle City Water by Suez and her opposition to the annexation of Avimor by Eagle because it would be too costly to Eagle taxpayers. Further, the ultimate buildout would exacerbate our traffic problems. Jill hasn’t accepted any donations from developers or large landowners, so she is free from their influence as she reviews proposed developments. With all of the growth we are currently experiencing, this is very important. Please vote for Jill Mitchell for Eagle City Council.

Mary Hunter, Eagle

Vote Mitchell

Citizens of Eagle, please join me in voting for Jill Mitchell for City Council. Jill is diligent, respectful, works well with the rest of the council and carefully considers the law when making decisions. She works to maintain Eagle’s quality of life by calling for local control over our water and over heavy industries that would harm property values. I’m very grateful to Jill for supporting a modification of Eagle’s comprehensive plan that would reduce the number of homes that could be built in the Eagle foothills. Vote for Jill on Nov. 5.

Elizabeth Roberts, Eagle

Vote Ridgeway

Anyone who attended an Eagle City Council meeting prior to current Mayor Stan Ridgeway’s election almost four years ago must admit the level of professionalism has skyrocketed. What used to resemble a second-grade classroom complete with name-calling and petty insults has been transformed into a proficient, business-like approach to governing. Mayor Ridgeway’s experience in the government arena is apparent. While he employs adherence to basic Roberts Rules of Order, he is always cognizant of the political boundaries in which elected officials must operate. He is also aware of the public he has taken an oath to serve, and he has never treated anyone in an Eagle City Council meeting with anything but the utmost respect. His predecessor allowed things to degenerate into something resembling a food fight. Now, that same former mayor is endorsing Stan’s political opponent. Do we really want to return Eagle to an unprofessional government organization? Go to RidgewayForEagle.com and see why I’m supporting Mayor Ridgeway. Let’s retain a mayor we can all be proud of.

John Sullivan, Boise

Vote Ridgeway

It seems like every time the local election season rolls around, people start debating growth. Is growth beneficial? Does it pay for itself? Why can’t our elected officials do more to stop it or at least slow it down? There is one thing that seems to be consistent. Those who are most opposed to growth are those who have lived here the shortest period of time. In Eagle, this election season,there’s a small, albeit vocal group of citizens who are up in arms about various developments they don’t like. They blame the current mayor and city council for the expansion, seemingly believing somehow it’s all their fault even though many of the projects were approved before they took office. I would hazard a guess that the most vocal anti-growth residents have lived in Eagle the shortest time. Imagine how they would react if those of us who were either born or have spent at least 39-50 years enjoying the benefits of the area would ask them to leave, or if we had erected a stop sign at the Eagle city limits before they arrived. I am voting for Stan Ridgeway for Eagle mayor. For answers go to RidgewayForEagle.com.

Wayne Swanson, Eagle

Vote Clegg

The Statesman editorial board said, “Elaine Clegg has done a wonderful job as a City Council member for four terms…and has done great things for the city.” They should have followed that statement with, “Based on her experience and her vast knowledge and understanding of city government and issues, we endorse her for Seat 5 on Boise’s city council.”

Elaine is passionately committed to making our city a safe, positive place to live. She started at the grass roots as a neighborhood association member president. She was a leader in establishing the Hull’s Gulch Nature Preserve. Elaine has served as a director on many boards and currently serves on COMPASS, Valley Regional Transit and the Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations Boards of Directors and on the Idaho Safe Routes to School Advisory Committee. She has worked for over 20 years for Idaho Smart Growth which is dedicated to bringing people together to create great places to live. Boise is extremely lucky to have someone of her caliber on our city council.

It’s inconceivable to me that the Statesman would endorse anyone but Elaine. I’m voting for her, and I hope you will too.

Marti Agler, Boise

Vote Mitchell

I urge Eagle voters to re-elect Jill Mitchell to the Eagle City Council. Jill lives and works in Eagle and has been a tireless advocate for our community. Here is what she has done for Eagle. Jill served as liaison to the senior citizens center and increased the number of lunches served each week. Jill served as liaison to the Eagle Library where she volunteers and gives book talks. Passed the strongest oil and gas ordinance in the country. Supported an exploration committee to study impact fees to help fund our police force. Acquired Eagle Landing, providing a bigger space for the Eagle Museum, office space for Parks and Recreation, and a community center. Purchased property for West Park for softball fields and a dog park. Upgraded Merrill Park. Jill Mitchell will give thoughtful consideration of issues facing Eagle. Her time on the Eagle City Council has given her a good working knowledge of the Comprehensive Plan and city ordinances. She will be a voice of experience and reason.

Glida Bothwell, Eagle

Vote Clegg

Wisdom is not easily acquired. When attained, it should be held rather than cast aside without good reason. Elaine Clegg has considerable wisdom on how cities run, what’s needed to thrive, how to work with community factions, and she has done so while steadfastly serving residents.

I’ve had the good fortune of working with Councilwoman Clegg in various capacities and watched her tirelessly and doggedly work for a better Boise and better Idaho. Her knowledge about transportation, land use, environmental stewardship, public utilities, community fabric, and public education are unmatched in the race for District 5. Boise may see significant changes among leadership and having a steady hand with established relationships and understanding of state law, policies, and history is required.

The future of Boise is bright, but let’s not forget the people who helped get us here. From a dramatically vibrant city core to preservation of our beloved foothills, Councilwoman Clegg has been at the table to usher in the actions that provide our high quality of life. I see no reason to buck wisdom simply because change for the sake of change is the cool thing to do. Our future needs a defender, and Councilwoman Clegg is that person.

Chris Danley, Boise