Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Elections, Foothills, Trump

Vote Stead

Having been born and raised in Idaho, I appreciate the nostalgia for days gone by; less than 500,000 people populated the entire state, worry-less bicycle rides around town were common place, and politics cost a lot less. However, fellow Boiseans, we must look forward through a realistic lens. Acknowledging this, I want Meredith Stead to represent me on Boise City Council. Her broad and deep employment experience and volunteer efforts are clearly the choice of many organizations embracing my principles. She is committed to clean air, clean water and open space. Conservation Voters of Idaho agrees and has endorsed her. She is committed to smart development; hence the BCA endorsement. Her attention to infrastructure needs and public safety has been acknowledged by Boise Fire Fighters Local 149 and the Idaho Fire Chiefs Association. These aren’t simple endorsements from individuals; these are well-thought-out, balanced decisions to choose one candidate who can represent us well. These organizations have chosen Meredith Stead to move Boise ahead, and on Nov. 5, I will be casting my vote for Meredith, Boise City Council Seat 3. Join me.

Lisa Bosworth, Boise

Vote Beaumont and Page

Garden City needs to keep Pam Beaumont and James Page on its City Council. For more than 10 years, we have watched Pam fight for Garden City, for its dignity and for a respectable future. When outsiders came in with degrading developments thinking there was nothing significant about Garden City, Pam fought for the vision she shared with the other council members.

The aesthetic charm that is now embracing Garden City is no accident. It is happening because of our City Council’s hard work and heart. We should not give up so many years of experience and knowledge.

As for James Page, his hard work as a Garden City Planning and Zoning commissioner and now as a City Council member, has proven to be selfless and passionate. He has made excellent decisions and always with the community’s best interest at the core.

Make sure that Garden City continues to grow with dignity. Vote for Pam and James in November.

Donna Brown, Garden City

Vote Bieter

As a state senator for Boise and Garden City, I want to share my perspective on Boise Mayor Dave Bieter. When a fire district faced problems threatening public safety in parts of Boise and Garden City, Dave worked with all involved to solve the problem. Dave has made us safer by building new and upgrading existing fire stations, thereby cutting response times. His administration implemented innovative police practices lowering our crime rate and making us one of the safest cities in the country.

In response to the Legislature’s unwillingness to fund pre-K education, Dave launched a cooperative pre-K program with the Boise School District and just recently expanded it. Dave's been successful in improving our city’s infrastructure, including four new branch libraries and numerous parks. And when ACHD wouldn’t plow our streets during snowmageddon in the winter of 2017, he stepped in to do their job.

There is no question that our city continues to face challenges – it always will. Dave’s can-do attitude, leadership, optimism and strong character have greatly improved our city and show that he's the best person to take us forward. I urge you to join me in voting for Dave Bieter on Nov. 5.

Grant Burgoyne, Boise


Sorry, Jodi Peterson-Stigers, Jan. 22, 1973, our Supreme Court told us the the weakest and most vulnerable among us don’t deserve our protection. This is who we are today.

Michael Burns, Boise

Foothills development

I have to agree with Bieter that we need to rein in foothills development. There have been at least three times (that I know of) that properties have been condemned because of landslides. If developers refuse to acknowledge this as unstable ground, it is high time to impose impact fees. Our population growth is out of control. Our infrastructure cannot accommodate what is already happening, and longtime residents are being taxed right out of their homes. Stop the insanity.

Barbara Fairchild, Boise

Vote Ridgeway

I support Stan Ridgeway for a second term as mayor of Eagle. Stan has brought professionalism to City Hall and provided leadership based on the long-term vision established by the citizens of Eagle. Stan’s combined experience in business and government has given him the knowledge to balance the desires of the community for a quality lifestyle and careful stewardship of tax dollars while limiting the city’s risk. Among Stan’s accomplishments:

1) Park space in Eagle has doubled, enabling space for baseball, softball and a new dog park. 2) Stan has rebuilt strong partnerships with the Ada County commissioners and the Ada County High Way District. The ACHD partnership is critical in that ACHD controls and is responsible for the roads and sidewalks in and around Eagle, excluding state highways. 3) Stan has worked to protect Eagle’s first right of refusal to purchase the Eagle Water Company. 4) He supported and pushed for passage of Eagle’s oil and gas ordinance. 5) He began the process of converting city lighting to LED. 6) Stan led an effort with multiple partners to keep Eagle Fun Days alive. The list of his accomplishments goes on and on.

Vote for Stan Ridgeway.

John Franden, Garden City


The third Democratic debate was promoted like a world championship wrestling match, but no candidate won a belt. Viewers left with acute “debate-itis.” Trump will tweet about “dirty dozen” Democrats wanting to impeach the greatest president in American history, but debating impeachment is senseless. Democrats already have enough evidence to vote articles of impeachment, and Senate Republicans will make the final decision. They’ll acquit Trump unless they believe voting for acquittal would end their political careers.

Democrats are poised to lose another winnable election if moderates and progressives continue cannibalizing each other. Any of the 12 candidates are intellectually and morally superior to Trump, but voters are turned off by family fights. Progressive Warren is a candidate most Americans would trust to defeat Trump. She truthfully tells voters no president can keep lofty campaign promises until our corrupt political system is structurally reformed. The Democrat ticket would be unbeatable if respected moderate candidates like Biden, Buttigieg or Klobuchar agreed to become her running mate.

These patriotic Democrats realize the danger Trump poses to our democracy. They should put personal political ambitions on hold and start working with Warren on a Democrat platform progressives, moderates and all Americans can support.

Sandy Holm, Meridian

Vote Bieter

We have a fundamental belief that has always guided our political activity. Simply put: You work to change what is wrong and actively support what is right. In the upcoming mayoral election, this means throwing our support behind Dave Beiter.

Dave was first elected mayor to restore integrity and accountability to city government. Over his tenure, he pursued an agenda that encouraged smart growth. At the same time, he increased protections for the Boise foothills, expanded the park system, extended the greenbelt and created new recreational opportunities for residents including our four-legged friends.

During the Great Recession, efficiencies and prudent management enabled Boise to weather the economic downturn better than most cities. Projects that would better position the city for future growth such as neighborhood library branches continued to be developed.

With Boise in the national spotlight for its economic growth and appealing outdoor lifestyle, this would appear to be the perfect time to exit the political stage. Even with all that he has accomplished as mayor, Dave still feels there are important things left to be done. We hope voters give him the opportunity to finish the job he started. Join us in supporting Dave Beiter for Boise mayor.

Hy Kloc and Joan Wallace, Boise

Vote McLean

As someone who represented Boise for eight years in the Idaho Statehouse, I know my neighbors and people all across the city are struggling. Boiseans are feeling impacts of growth and rising costs. They’ve rejected Dave Bieter’s proposals for a massive stadium, a punitive homelessness policy and recruiting F35s to our city, especially since the planes impact affordable housing and schools in modest-income neighborhoods. It’s clear the mayor’s power to fund and push forward these projects hasn’t been transparent.

We urgently need a mayor who loves Boise and is also open and honest with us about costs, relationships, how policy is crafted and who stands to benefit. We deserve better. That’s why I’m voting for Lauren McLean. Lauren McLean’s been a modest and steady hand on council. She knows city issues, listens and has quietly led work on fiscal accountability, open space preservation and non-discrimination. She’s also had the courage to ask important questions and push back when it seemed no one would or was supposed to.

Lauren McLean is smart, tenacious and the mayor Boise needs now. I hope you’ll join me in electing a new mayor on Nov. 5.

Nicole LeFavour, Boise

Vote McLean

Over the last 30 years, I have seen many changes to the town that I love. I know that we can maintain what we all love about Boise while tackling the challenges we now face in innovative ways. But Coles and Bieter have had their chances: It’s time for a new mayor and new energy. I believe Lauren McLean is the person for the job.

I met Lauren McLean on the Foothills levy campaign in 2001. Working with her on that campaign, watching her take on difficult roles on the Boise Parks Commission and the Planning and Zoning Commission, and witnessing her tackle the role of Boise City Council president have made it very clear to me: Lauren continues to be a good listener and a strong leader.

Her commitment to Boise becoming a 100% clean energy city, protecting our clean water and air, maintaining our open spaces and developing a transit system for the Treasure Valley are critical as Boise moves into the next decade. Lauren believes we must find immediate solutions for affordable housing, traffic and congestion as our city rapidly grows, and she will do it with an attitude of cooperation. She has my vote.

Suki Molina, Boise

Climate change

At a recent meeting of the Boise Council on Foreign Relations, U.S. Sen. Jim Risch admitted the fact of climate change but cast doubt on the likelihood of human activity as its cause. More recently, a lecture at BSU’s Osher Institute presented a calculation based on data from 1880. That calculation computed the probability of natural causation of major CO2 increases in our atmosphere since 1880 at 1/10^44, or 0.(43 zeroes)1. For reference, think hitting the lottery. Six times. Consecutively. This simply can’t happen by chance. That leaves human activity as the only other suspect. If a murder suspect were subjected to DNA testing of evidence from the scene of the crime, a match to this degree of probability would be a slam dunk for conviction. At this point only by hiding behind a selective recitation of facts or substituting fantasy and superstition for facts and analysis can anyone seriously doubt human causation of climate change.

Sen. Risch’s political standing is certainly strong enough to enable him to speak the truth on this matter with little fear of negative consequences. It is time and past time that he do so.

George Moses, Boise

Vote Peck

Ryan Peck is running for City Council Seat 1. This seat has five other candidates, and I would like to personally acknowledge why I am voting for Ryan over the other candidates. He has a proven track record of entrepreneurship in Boise. He decides he wants to see a change or something happen in Boise and he makes it happen and makes it happen well. He is kind and loyal. He raises people up and wants to see everyone succeed. He has a passion for conservation and the outdoors. He is committed to his biology students at BSU. But most importantly, to me as a father raising my children here in Boise is this: Ryan wants this place to be a place the next generation wants to stay and live. He wants to see Boise become the best it can be and he wants to enact changes that will help Boise continue to be a place to create, thrive and flourish. With Ryan helping make the decisions impacting Boise, the next generation will hopefully be inspired to stay here, recreate here and grow new business here. I am all in for Ryan Peck for City Council Seat 1.

Curtis Neill, Boise

Vote Little Roberts

My mom, Anne Little Roberts, understands family values. My mom, Anne Little Roberts is currently running for mayor of Meridian, and I couldn’t be prouder of her. She’s a hard worker and a great mom. From an early age, my mom and dad instilled in me a “can-do” attitude. They supported me in all of my academics and sports endeavors...especially in golf. Beside shuttling me to and from golf tournaments, my mom learned how to play the game so she could really understand what it’s all about. She’s good, too.

Mom and Dad provided me with a faith-based Christian upbringing and taught me to treat everyone with respect and compassion. Even though I am an only child, mom made sure that family was the cornerstone of our lives. I believe the position of mayor not only requires knowledge of how to run a city like my mom has, but needs a person of compassion and values who respects the people who work with her. That person is my mom, Anne Little Roberts. Mom has supported me in everything in life, and now I’m proud to support her.

Please vote for my mom, Anne Little Roberts, Meridian mayor, on Nov. 5.

Nick Roberts, Meridian


For quite some time, many of us have been disappointed and dismayed by our president’s actions and blatant disregard for our American values, not the least of which is his total lack of any kind of integrity. But until just recently, the Republican congressional members have contrived some reason to support his “unpresidential” behaviors while he runs roughshod over our institutions, our position as a leader of nations, our credibility, etc. Apparently, the brash decision to order the immediate withdrawal of our troops from Syria was a “bridge too far.” This particular decision has done great damage to our future military operations in terms of troop morale, confidence of our allies and the list goes on. The House has passed a bipartisan condemnation of this action, and the Senate is saying they want to pass another similar declaration.

If we are truly concerned about someday, somehow rebuilding our international reputation and the confidence of our troops in their leadership, we have a way to show the world we have the fortitude and conviction to admit we made a huge mistake and rectify it. Imagine what the world would think about our democracy if we removed this president from office.

Jay Combs, Eagle