Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Rentals, mayor, Trump

Short-term rentals

In response to Scott McIntosh’s editorial regarding his negative impression of short term rentals, I am very disappointed in the assumptions he apparently made about the property in his neighborhood that was poorly cared for. It seems he never confirmed that it was being used as a short-term rental, and certainly not that it was listed through an organization such as Airbnb or VRBO.

We frequently use such agencies when we travel as we prefer a more homelike atmosphere for our lodging and the ability to cook our own meals. Over our years of experience with these agencies, we never have encountered a property that was anything but attractive and well-kept. Therefore, given the description Mr. McIntosh gave — just the dead lawn — I would be confident that property was not being rented through Airbnb, etc.

I heartily disagree with the lengths of the restrictions Mayor Bieter wants to place on short-term rentals, as we always look for places where we can have the entire unit to ourselves and, when traveling with family, generally rent a house or townhouse, which doesn’t fit the definition of having the owner residing on the premises. Bieter’s proposal is too restrictive in my opinion.

Louise Jacobsen, Boise

Meridian mayor

I do not support Joe Palmer as a candidate for mayor of Meridian. As an Idaho state representative for Meridian District 20, he has proven to be working only for corporate interest.

In order to help pay for road and bridge related cost, in 2015 he sponsored HB-312 which raised the cost of registering all privately owned vehicles in the state of Idaho $15. Electric car fees went up $140 and hybrid fuel car fees went up $75. Heavy vehicles were not required to pay any additional fees like electric and hybrid vehicles even though these are the class of vehicle that damage our roads and bridges and should be funding most of the fuel tax funds to help with maintenance, repair and new construction.

According to his campaign finance records Idaho Truck PAC, Agriculture PACs and Timber PACs were contributors in 2018.

In 2016 he supported HB-431 which shifted the property tax burden to Idaho homeowners while lowering all other sources of property taxes. He is a business owner and (benefited) from lowering his own business property taxes at the expense of Idaho homeowners.

Bill Rutherford, Meridian

McLean for mayor

It’s hard to fathom how you can question the leadership and readiness of someone with Lauren McLean’s credentials and proven track record. And how better to show leadership than to go against the grain, run for mayor, and provide voters with an alternative, especially when you risk the kind of mean-spirited, untruthful comments from her own colleagues that she has? Making that choice – risking her career and those critical relationships within her own party – that actually is leadership.

Lauren not only leads; she learns and she listens. She’s not afraid of new ideas and dissenting opinions and faces them with an open mind and courage. She began town hall meetings throughout the city so she could reach out to all voters in every neighborhood and truly understand where voters were coming from. That is leadership.

It’s time for collaboration and kindness to prevail at City Hall. It’s time to end the mayor’s long reign and see what new blood and a new attitude will do for our city. Running for mayor is leadership; it’s saying: “It’s time for something new, and I’m willing to risk the politics of it all for the betterment of Boise citizens and Boise.”

Jennifer Stevens, Boise


I am a mother and a health care provider from Boise with a son who had rotavirus, the most common cause of diarrheal disease among children, in 2006. Without access to a hospital with IV fluids to treat his dehydration, he could have died. I traveled to Uganda last summer and met with women – mothers just like me – who walked for miles to get vaccines for their new babies. The rotavirus vaccine became available in Uganda in 2018, many years after its introduction in the United States in 2006. While we worry about the rising increase in non-medical exemptions for vaccines in this country, these mothers I spoke with in Uganda may not name their newborns out of concern that their infants will not live for more than a week or a month. Funding for global vaccine programs is significantly less than 1% of the total U.S. federal budget, yet for every $1 we spend on childhood immunizations, the world sees $44 in economic benefits. Please contact Sen. Risch and voice your support for global vaccine access.

Becky Elder, Boise

Lauren for mayor

When I first met Lauren nearly 20 years ago, it was at a meeting downtown. I recall how impressed I was with her, and I told her after the meeting that I thought she would go far – a compliment and words of encouragement. And then in 2001, I watched her successfully lead the historic movement to protect our Foothills.

Later, on the board of directors at the Idaho Conservation League, I got to know Lauren even better. She was a self-directed bundle of energy. At each of her briefings, I was again very impressed with her no-nonsense and focused approach. She understands and totally gets conservation ethic at the grassroots level, but that’s only part of her skill set and broad base of know-how.

She was moving then and still is, and she has my full support for mayor of Boise. Go, Lauren.

Roy Heberger, Boise


I notice on the Opinion page, Oct. 7, that Dano Savino has reared his rather nonsensical opinion again utilizing all of the tired, false, inflammatory rhetoric from his previous endeavors. He truly is one of dotard Donnie’s deplorables and refuses to recognize the bellicosity, corrupt, contemptuous, arrogant attitude of our would-be dictator, El Trumpo, who still thinks he is CEO of the United States and he can do what he wants, when he wants, and every citizen better believe it. The nickname of Mango Mussolini is most appropriate for El Trumpo. The USA is in deep kimchee.

Janette McFarland, Boise