Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Elections, guns, growth

Hallyburton for Seat 3

On Nov. 5, I will vote for Jimmy Hallyburton for Boise City Council Seat 3 because I trust his track record. Over the past six months, I have served on the community steering committee for the Ride with Jimmy Campaign. During this time, I observed Jimmy choosing to do the hard work of running a grassroots campaign for a vibrant community that centers on accessibility and connection. As a blind person, I know the challenges people with disabilities face every day navigating safely in our city. Because Jimmy included a diverse group of people to inform his platform, he is well versed in the issues of safety and access that people of all ages and abilities encounter in Boise. For example, when navigating the city, the experiences of people with disabilities are not the same as the experiences of people who bicycle; yet, we all benefit from thoughtfully designed curb ramps, pathways, and street crossings. Jimmy recognizes the intersection of the issues and is actively identifying opportunities for working together to make Boise accessible and safe for everyone. Join me in voting for Jimmy, because for Jimmy, kindness and connection are not just words on a campaign sign.

Dianna Willis, Boise

Whistleblower report

The “whistleblower report” outlines the suspicious behavior of an American president soliciting foreign election assistance for the 2020 election from a foreign country with the aid of taxpayer dollars. The efforts by the president and the president’s men to hide and cover up what happened is beyond suspicious. Hiding the telephone conversations on the White House TS/SCI server was an attempt to hide the facts. Trump has already publicly threatened the whistleblower on national TV, calling his actions treasonous and threatening execution. Attempting to intimidate/threaten a witness is a crime. The inspector general of the intelligence community found the whistleblower report to be both credible and urgent. The fact is: Soliciting or accepting foreign election assistance is illegal. Asking a foreign power to dig up dirt on a political rival is an impeachable offense and the evidence that this is what occurred is in the transcript of Trump’s phone conversation. So just like you would expect, Idaho’s congressional delegation first response has been to claim that this is a “nothing burger.” You can and should read the “Whistleblower Report” (online-9 pages) for yourself. You can do it in about the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

Tom Lorentz, Boise

Congressional delegation

Big surprise...Idaho’s congressional delegation has sided with the president over the Ukraine phone call and everything else he has done that we know of, once again showing that they are good little worker bees doing anything to protect the Republican colony. Sen. Risch stated “every American should read the report and make up his or her own mind.” If their minds weren’t already made up five minutes after the story broke (with guidance from the local and national party bosses most likely), I think my defibrillator would have to go into overdrive from the shock. I’ll bet money though that if (I am hoping for when) the president’s behavior becomes so egregious as to be inexcusable under any definition, they will all jump to the other side of the fence, claim they are working for the American people, and join the call for investigation and/or removal. Don’t be fooled. This is simply self-preservation on their part. Until that time, I still plan on going to the polls, casting my vote, and remembering that at the national level, unless I vote Republican, my vote in this state carries no weight or value. Talk about disenfranchised.

Chris Lowe, Nampa


Growth. Not much is being done to manage it. For years city leaders have kept saying, “We gotta have growth.” There are numerous back-to-back several-hundred-home subdivisions. And what they call “planned communities” aren’t much more than subdivisions under a different name.

In some of the city council hearings, some heated discussions happen, but in the end the city has already made their mind up to approve these projects and the citizens lose out thereby creating more development. You can see the “rubber stamp approval machine” working hard. And Mayor Bieter is at the top trying to circumvent the citizens and build his oversized and overpriced library.

The rampant unmanaged growth is also skyrocketing our assessment values to pay for this growth and creating more homelessness.

Our downtown is turning into a high priced residential area. We are starting to look like other cities and less like Boise. Cramped in, packed in, and priced out. Soon we will have to change our name from Boise City to clone city and our motto for visitors will be, “come and visit. It’s like you never left home.”

Wes Peckham, Boise

Anne Little Roberts

It’s my privilege to uphold to elect candidate Anne Little Roberts for mayor of Meridian. Anne’s strong background in leadership and community, along with her strong ties to the business community is the perfect fit to take Meridian to the next level of growth. She has spent many years in service to Meridian as a member of the Meridian City Council and as president of the Meridian Chamber of Commerce for over six years.

Anne has deep roots in Idaho and is relentless in her dedication to her community. She thrives in helping others’ talents shine and has a knack for getting things accomplished in the business and civic community. Working with other state communities as the Idaho Chamber Alliance president, Anne cast a presence of cooperation as an excellent example for other municipalities to model. From government, to being your next-door neighbor, Anne never ceases to amaze me in how she works with all for a better tomorrow for Meridian businesses, government and citizens.

I heard Anne once say, “we have made this place such a great place to live, now others want to come join us.” I couldn’t agree more, Anne.

Elizabeth Rodgers, Boise

Gun owners

Picture this: You’re getting older, say 75, and have decided to give up a lifetime of hunting and shooting. You have a bunch of guns, say 25, including an AR, a 9 mm pistol, and a “sniper rifle,” and want to find a good home for them before you become senile. You feel responsible to use your best efforts to ensure they don’t fall into wrong hands, like a mass murderer’s. Your gun-enthusiast buddies are all in the same boat as you, so they’re not an option. Your kids aren’t interested. What to do?

I’d say this scenario is very common in Idaho. Responsible gun owners, that is to say, nearly all gun owners, feel responsibility to see that their guns do no harm. They would rather not sell or gift to their dodgy nephew or sinister stranger. They most likely would secretly welcome being required to do a federal background check prior to any transfer. Why not require that? And/or, why not up the ante by holding any transferor who did not do a background check on their transfer vicariously liable, criminally and civilly, for all harm subsequently caused by use of the gun?

Anybody have a better idea?

Jim Runsvold, Caldwell

Fire pits

I know I’m beating the same drum, but this is really important to me. Boise has never had perfect air quality. Yet I saw a sign today directing everyone to buy a fire pit. We had problems with a neighbor who burned everything. If you put enough kerosene on it, it smolders for days. We were trapped in our home. First the Fire Department told them they needed a burn permit. This permit allowed them to burn 365 days a year from dawn to dusk. Really?

Then I was directed to call another senior employee of the Fire Department. He said they didn’t have the right to burn in their yard materials that could be hauled away, and they were not allowed to do in their yard something that took away our enjoyment in our yard. They were cited. Now, with no burn permit, all hours, everyone everywhere can burn anything they want?

We love having windows wide open to enjoy the warm temperatures. Unfortunately, we are closing our windows to keep the smoke out. The propane fire pits are inexpensive and don’t pollute. Do neighbors have allergies, asthma, COPD? Be considerate.

Mary Walker, Boise

Rep. Fulcher

I am frankly horrified by the behavior of Rep. Fulcher. He needs to learn from our trusted representatives like Sen. Crapo how to conduct himself. Fulcher is an embarrassment to Idaho and should never have been elected. I understand he is in love with Trump, however he is not representing the people of Idaho the way he should. I believe he should be removed, however few have an appetite to deal with his hostility. He does not represent the Idaho I know and love. Please, people of Idaho, we need leaders, not ignorant thugs to represent us.

E. Fred Snow, Nampa