Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Mass shootings

I am writing this letter to encourage the American people to not jump on the gun control bandwagon after recent mass shootings. It is a very true fact that gun control does not stop or reduce gun violence despite what the liberal left wants us to believe, and if our country gets a Democrat president in 2020, it is very clear that they will impose excessive taxes on gun manufacturers and retailers; that is the liberals’ way of attempting to get people to not buy firearms, but the fact is all it will really do is create unemployment when gun companies lay off employees to save money due to the high taxes. As far as reducing gun violence or gun sales, these tactics will never do that; it will simply cause gun owners to buy their firearms on the black market, so the Democrats will do nothing more than hurt the economy and cost Americans their jobs. The fact is since 2015, the police and various government agencies have committed 120% more gun-related deaths than mass shooters. Many of those shootings were not justified. Maybe we need government and law enforcement control. Fact is, guns are here to stay.

Michael Beck, Buhl


I am writing to remind the citizens of Idaho about the betrayal of the Idaho Legislature in regards to the recently passed Medicaid expansion referendum. A clean Medicaid expansion bill was passed by 61 percent of Idaho voters. This is a landslide victory and a mandate to our legislators that the people of Idaho want a clean Medicaid expansion bill enacted and not one with restrictions and requirements deemed necessary by our legislators. Thousands of ordinary Idahoans worked to pass the clean Medicaid expansion bill. We should not be punished by our legislators who not only want to add costly restrictions to the current bill but want to also make it virtually impossible for a citizen’s referendum to ever appear on the ballot again. Shame on our legislators for trying to silence the voice and will of Idahoans.

Alice Anderson, McCall

Idaho seniors

Sen. Crapo is not working for Idaho seniors. On Aug. 21, American Future Fund, a Koch-funded, right-wing, dark money organization, placed a full-page ad in the Statesman that claimed, “Senator Mike Crapo is Fighting for Idaho Seniors.” It went on to say, “Urge him to continue to oppose socialist controls in the Prescription Drug Pricing Act.” They said the senator “believes in a patient-centric approach to increase competition and lower the cost of prescriptions.” Exactly what “patient-centric” action has Sen. Crapo taken to lower prescription drug prices? The answer is: absolutely nothing. He has opposed every bill designed to keep drug price increases more in line with inflation, including the bipartisan Prescription Drug Pricing Reduction Act of 2019. Earlier this month, the Statesman reported that an elderly Idaho couple committed suicide because they could not keep up with their drug and health care costs. I guess Sen. Crapo was not fighting for those seniors. According to Forbes, Sen. Crapo received $119,000 from pharmaceutical PACs. Perhaps that’s who he’s really fighting for. The free market in pharmaceuticals is a complete failure. Idahoans need politicians who will fight for them, not the pharmaceutical companies.

Carol Benz, Boise

Mass shootings

In a letter printed Aug. 22, Rosemary Smith claims that the only difference between public reaction to the recent mass shootings and those during Barack Obama’s administration is that today, there is a conservative in the White House. This claim would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic.

The biggest difference is that the current occupant of the White House practices the politics of hate and division in every form, almost with every breath (or tweet). A white supremacist rally that results in a murder by one of the participants is a situation which has “good people on both sides.” Illegal immigrants are “invaders.” A free press is “the enemy of the State.” Democratically elected members of the U.S. Congress, one a naturalized citizen of the United States of America, the others native-born Americans, should “go back to their country.” Any American who is not white-skinned is less than. These actions encourage violence.

Trump has proven unable to achieve what few productive actions he has promised, such as working toward effective background checks for firearms purchases. Or maybe you missed his warp-speed backtracking the next day.

No, Ms. Smith, many things have changed since Obama’s departure from the White House.

Jeff Crowell, Meridian