Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Idaho Democratic Party

The Idaho Democratic Party has lost seven governor’s races in a row and they are on track to lose another 70. When I call the Idaho Republican Party, my call is always returned within 24 hours (often within two hours). When I call the Idaho Democratic Party, my call may be returned in five days, or seven days or 10 days (or not at all). The Idaho Democratic Party is feckless and would have to improve dramatically to become marginally incompetent.

Please do not waste your hard-earned money when the Idaho Democratic Party begs for it. Instead, donate to your favorite charity or use $100 bills to start your wood stove.

Pete Peterson, Boise

Mass shootings

It is time to turn the corner on these mass shootings. The madness has gone on far too long. But what can we realistically get done? Everyone talks about banning assault-style rifles. Without the now-banned bump stocks, these weapons are no more dangerous than any other semi-automatic rifle used for hunting. What increases the lethalness of semi-auto rifles is large-capacity magazines. These magazines increase the killing capacity dramatically as the shooter can fire 20 or 30 rounds without reloading.

High-capacity magazines should be banned, and only four- or five-round magazines allowed. No one should be allowed to own more than a couple magazines for different calibers. By forcing madmen to reload often, it will give people a chance to escape or attack the shooter. We don’t need high-capacity mags for hunting, target practice or for any other reason. This is the least intrusive way to reduce the lethality of these killers. Let’s get to work and make this ban happen. Let’s roll.

Richard P. Ringelstetter, Boise

Gowen Field noise

The article on F-35 noise levels is exactly correct. Years ago, I trained as an F-15 pilot at Luke AFB in Arizona. Years later, my parents lived under the extended Luke departure and arrival corridor. Thus, I visited the area again numerous times. I’ve seen and heard just about every fighter from the old F-104 and F-106 up to the current generation F-35. The loudest and most disruptive of the bunch are the F-35 and the F-104. It’s just a byproduct of the single-engine and individual airframe, especially in their fighter jet overhead arrivals. If we want to preserve Boise as a city where everyone can be free of noxious noise, we should oppose having a Gowen Field-based F-35 squadron. Any F-35s flying at Gowen Field will be heard daily throughout the city, not just near the airport. Keep Boise quiet.

Gary Roeder, Boise


For all of you people who are wondering what President Trump will have to do that is so disgusting that the base will turn against him, don’t hold your breath. I have come to the conclusion that we are looking at this all backwards. It is the base that controls Trump, not that Trump controls them.

That leaves you with the realization that somewhere between 30 to 40 percent of the people in this country are so mean-spirited, self-serving and paranoid they are willing to destroy this country and all it stands for to get their way. And it also means that the Republican party is made up of a good part of those same people. It is within the power of the vast majority of Americans to stop this downward spiral. Mark Twain said that the worst lie was the lie of omission; it required no courage and no talent, all you had to do was to say nothing.

That describes the Idaho Representatives.

Paul Valas, Meridian

Midas Gold

Let’s take a moment to thank the Nez Perce for the legal actions taken against Midas Gold. This action indicates that there is problem with the Stibnite mine and miners of old. Yes, it’s a brownfield cleanup site, long recognized by the federal government who have absolutely no intentions of coming up with the tens to possibly hundreds of millions required to clean it up.

Midas has done no mining of the area, only explored, and they are in no way responsible for this frivolous suit. So this is just a delay tactic, more will follow. Midas, together with regulators, has a plan to fix it, so let’s get started.

Mining has changed significantly with regulations over the years, and now is the time to correct the situation on the east fork of the south fork of the Salmon River! It’s time to restore a natural fish run that was lost almost 80 years ago, provide needed good-paying jobs. This will also improve recreational activity for decades to come. Think of the future.

Dan Davis, Cascade