Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Why does Trump get blamed for the shootings? The left is quick to point the finger ... let me point out some simple facts.

Did you blame Obama for Sandy Hook? No. Did you blame Obama for Pulse Nightclub? No. Did you blame him for the Charleston church shooting? Nope. Not a single person blamed Obama for the 24 mass shootings that happened during his administration.

What changed? Nothing, just a conservative in the White House.

Rosemary Smith, Challis

Idaho education

Idaho Education: task forces, political debates, too few students going to higher ed, subjective teacher pay. Question: Will we ever get to the crux of the problem? “To get kids to take education seriously…you have to give them first-rate teachers.” “Why Finland has better schools.” The Week 9/20/13. Information about successful education in other countries is plentiful; unfortunately, we have no leadership to help improve our system.

In the U.S., Jerry wants to coach basketball; he applies to teach social studies and, if the school needs a coach, likely will get the job. In Finland, sports are held after school and operated as clubs. That emphasizes academics and increases financial support. To teach in Finland, Jerry would have good grades, high test scores, and be selected for one of the eight prestigious teacher-training universities. ... Finland’s education training programs are as selective as getting into MIT, similar to getting into U.S. med schools, requiring a master’s degree resulting in six years of study, and training under three teacher mentors for a year.

At many U.S. colleges, education is known as an easy major. Task force: Let’s agree to increase the rigor of our teacher training.

Lois Morgan, Boise

Death statistics

Here are some relevant statistics gleaned from the internet. On average in the USA every day: Four people are killed by knives each day; 35 are killed by gun homicide (66 more commit gun suicide); more than 100 Americans die in motor vehicle accidents each day; illegal drugs Americans buy are financing Mexican cartels, and Mexico loses about 100 citizens every day to murder; 129 Americans die each day from opioid overdose; and an average of 1,750 American babies are aborted every day.

Gene Mussler, Moutain Home

ACHD thanks

On behalf of the board of directors of the Foundation for Ada/Canyon Trails Systems, Inc., we would like to express our appreciation to the Ada County Highway Department for the ACHD Reporter Application. The ACHD application allows issues of public safety to be quickly reported and resolved on both highways and pathways in Ada County when there are downed trees, potholes or other impediments to safe transportation.

The Foundation for Ada/Canyon Trails Systems facilitates the development of the greenway and pedestrian pathway systems in Ada and Canyon counties, and in our view, it is imperative that the existing greenbelt pathway be maintained in order to fulfill its intended purpose.

We appreciate the ACHD development of mobile applications that assist in this process.

Gary Payne, Boise

Mascot cost

Setting aside the social aspects of the Boise School Board’s decision to implement Principal Robb Thompson’s one-man social justice crusade, I was quite disappointed that the Statesman did not deem information as to the cost of changing the mascot to be newsworthy, especially given the recent article about rising property taxes.

In 2017 the voters approved a $172.5 million bond to pay for facilities upgrades in the district, including many to Boise High School. These upgrades are just now complete, but apparently Mr. Thompson will be undoing this work in his quest to obliterate any reference to “Braves.” As every dollar diverted towards this effort is a dollar not spent on student education, and given that Boise High is far behind the times on things such as technology in the classroom, it seems to be a questionable use of taxpayer money to demolish and renovate brand new construction. And while a free T-shirt is a nice gesture, how does that help the band, who just got new uniforms after years of fundraising?

If paying twice for infrastructure is how the district is using taxpayer dollars, future bond or funding requests will be met with my active resistance.

John Scott, Boise