Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Mass shootings, Harris Ranch school, Trump

Mass shootings

As we are all aware, mass shootings such as the recent ones in Ohio and Texas are happening with alarming frequency. I truly believe the media is unwittingly a huge part of the problem and can easily use their influence to help reduce these. I believe one major factor in the increasing frequency of these horrendous crimes is the way the shooter is glorified in the media. Everyone in the country knows his name and face because it is plastered over every media outlet for weeks.

The simple solution: Stop printing the killer’s name and photo. They know they’ll go out famous, which is contributing to the behavior. You can tell what happened, focus on the victims, and find stories of courage and strength. Just please stop giving the murderers the glory they are seeking.

Brett Thomas, Boise

Harris Ranch school

In March 2017, a bond for the Boise City Schools passed that included funding for an elementary school in Harris Ranch. Two years later many of the other schools funded by that Bond initiative are already built, while the Harris Ranch school has yet to be started and Riverside is bursting at the seams with students. Students in the Riverside boundaries are being bused at the school district’s expense to Garfield, Liberty, Adams and Roosevelt.

The proposed school is to be built on 2.2 acres and without a playground onsite. The Idaho Department of Education requires an elementary school lot to be 5 acres plus 1 acre for every 100 students. I don’t believe that the Boise School District has its students’ interest at heart when it’s planning to build an elementary school on a lot half the size of the requirement. For comparison, schools in the area are located on 10-plus acres: Riverside has 10.3 acres, Liberty has 10.4 (plus is next to a large city park), and Trailwind has 15.

I think this design needs to be reconsidered and code followed to allow the kids space to learn and grow. Please reconsider the current proposal.

Gretchen Fors, Boise


A majority of voters never believed Donald Trump would faithfully protect America’s traditional values. They felt he lacked the experience, good character and sound judgment to competently govern a great nation.

His chaotic presidency confirmed beyond any doubt the accuracy of their fears. Trump’s now campaigning for re-election and it’s time for voters to question the political hypocrisy of Republican leaders who still support this failed president. Trump won the presidency vowing to remake the Republican party in his radical image. He ridiculed and forced into retirement GOP conservatives. Republicans remaining in Congress quickly capitulated to Trump’s bullying and threw their full support behind a leader they months earlier declared unfit to govern. The Republican Party should become a footnote in American history if traditional GOP conservatives don’t put country above party and vote out of office this dangerous president and congressional cowards who support him.

Democratic leaders elected in 2020 deserve the Trump administration fate if they don’t make legitimate efforts to unite the country. Structural reform of a rigged political system that’s favored corporations and wealthy campaign contributors over working-class Americans for decades must be their top priority. This requires replacing the political class with political servants.

Sandy Jones, Boise