Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Idaho GOP, library, good Samaritans, Kustra, Trump

Idaho GOP

The radical Idaho GOP is a treacherous confederacy of dunces and conspiracy theorists. Rep. Nichols wants to teach creationism to your children, in violation of the Constitution. She thinks the common core was written by Karl Marx or maybe Hilary Clinton. The Founding Fathers groan in their graves. Rep. Boyle traveled to support the armed criminal Bundy gang at Malheur and wants to sell off all federal land, making Idaho Texas. Rep. Ehardt refused to allow language on human-caused climate change to be included in science content standards, damaging the educational lives of all Idaho students for years in order to stand against science itself, all for ideological reasons. And when she lost the standards fight last year, she and her ilk in a tantrum refused to endorse all Idaho administrative code.

Now they stand against diversity programs and inclusiveness at the postsecondary level. Do they know or care that the half of all Idaho students in poverty score on average one grade level lower than those not in poverty? These culture warriors bring shame on Idaho. They do not represent American or Idaho values as they wallow, nay, revel in the sty of their own ignorance.

Scott Cook, Boise


As a former employee of Boise Public Library and a longtime supporter of The Cabin, I’ve been disappointed in the city’s proposal for a new downtown facility and the many unnecessary problems that the current plan creates. Most of these problems stem from the mistaken notion that Boiseans want a vastly expanded “public center for knowledge, culture, and ideas” (as the city itself puts it) in Boise’s increasingly congested core, which many residents are already avoiding. Instead, the city should scale back the scope of the proposed building, keep The Cabin in its place rather than moving it to a problematic location in Julia Davis Park (whose valuable open space we should be maintaining), and expand the hours of the library’s community branches (which are currently open only 6 days and 3 nights a week). A more modest building may not be the frankly grandiose monument that some want, but it makes sense at a time when we should be preserving rather than destroying our tangible cultural heritage.

Grove Koger, Boise

Good Samaritans

I’d like to acknowledge a couple of Boise good Samaritans who came to my aid on July 29. I had just gotten onto I-84 from Broadway, headed west, when my car started making a lot of noise and it was impossible for me to accelerate to freeway speeds. I was trying to figure out what was wrong when a car to my left signaled me to pull over to the side of the road. They pulled in front of me and let me know my front tire was smoking and totally shredded. But that wasn’t all – this nice young man and his wife had me stay in the car while he put on my spare tire and put the bad tire in my trunk for me. They did all of this with a smile and with no expectation of anything in return. Since I have a disability, this saved me untold challenges in trying to figure out the problem on my own and allowed me to go to my car dealer to get a new tire ordered immediately after I was able to get back on the road. I think we need a “Boise Nice People” award for these folks. Thanks so much, Ryan and Amanda, for making my day.

Andrea Leeds, Boise

Kustra column

In his self-serving opinion piece of July 28, Bob Kustra referred to the 28 Idaho Republican legislators that signed the letter to BSU president Marlene Tromp as a “cabal of vanilla legislators.” Really? Would Mr. Kustra refer to the Congressional Black Caucus as a “cabal of chocolate legislators”? Somehow, I don’t think so.

Bruce Harris, Meridian


In response to Michael Howard’s expensive two-page advertisement in the Sunday, July 28, paper about how awful President Trump is, I have a couple of comments.

I am a patriotic conservative Christian, and I am a strong supporter of our president. He certainly has some flaws, but in spite of those flaws, he is truly trying to lead our country forward, in spite of strong opposition from a very biased news media, and opposition from a very liberal left wing socialist Democratic Party. In regards to abortion, he says the Bible does not address abortion. Life begins at conception. What does he not understand about “Thou Shall Not Kill?”

Our country has moved a long way from what our forefathers established, and Pre. Trump is trying his best to reestablish those values. The hypocritical Democrats are opposing many things that they previously endorsed, only because Trump is pushing them forward, and it’s all about hating Trump.

Bob Howe, Meridian


Now that it’s clear that Donald Trump is running an overt racist presidential campaign, will any of those who support him come out in opposition to, at least, his racist comments, if not his whole campaign? Will any Republican officials, both national figures (Crapo, Risch, Simpson, Fulcher) and state and local officeholders, now come out against Trump and his racism? If not now, when? The future of the party is probably at stake.

Walt Thode, Boise