Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Trump, BSU and diversity, Kustra and Risch


Donald has solved all of the nation’s problems: the Middle East; immigration; border security; the Mexico-funded wall; climate change, the China trade rip-off; security threats from our allies; a fully funded tax cut; brotherly love with Russia, North Korea, China and Saudi Arabia; and worldwide confidence in our international relations. Additionally, Trump has successfully demoralized the Justice Department and intel agencies, as well as eviscerating the Cabinet. This administration needs to get down to business and solve the real threat to America, especially if we are to make it great again. The problem is NASCAR

Our leadership has failed to notice and take action against NASCAR and the organization’s insistence on only turning to the left. Think about it, millions of crazed MAGA supporters watching their beloved race cars only going left. A simple declaration of national emergency and an and executive order is all it will take. A tariff on Toyota could be included.

Drag racing is safe for now, but anyone who is left-handed should proceed with caution.

Alan Anderson, Boise

BSU diversity

This past week 28 Republicans from our Legislature sent a letter to the new BSU president whining about the BSU diversity programs that they say are wasting money used to help minorities get a college education. Thankfully, the few 21 Democratic members of our Legislature sent a followup letter to the new BSU president praising these programs. It’s too bad these ultra-conservative Republican members probably wish we could go back to their good old days when most residents in Idaho were white (except for the Native Americans and the Chinese and Mexican labor workers). It’s time our Republican lawmakers entered the 21st century. Idaho’s national reputation is still tarnished by extremism. Ask someone from another state what Idaho is known for. The answer is usually potatoes and hate groups. When will Idaho’s voting citizens realize we need a balanced Legislature of Democrats and Republicans so critical issues (legalizing medical marijuana for chronic pain, legalizing nonhigh-producing hemp, “Add the Words” to the Idaho constitution for equality, etc.) can be discussed without the ultra-right wing lawmakers ramming their own agendas down our throats.

Marty Kopelowitz, Meridian

BSU diversity

Tell me, Idaho Falls Republican Rep. Barbara Ehardt, just what exactly is “The Idaho Way”? You, along with 28 Idaho Republican state lawmakers, oppose Boise State University’s plan to have inclusivity, diversity and equality in their programs because it goes against “The Idaho Way.” Perhaps you meant “The white supremacist way,” but for appearances couldn’t have that documented in a letter to BSU.

Jennifer Pedrali, Meridian

BSU diversity

Several Republican legislators who have asked incoming Boise State University President Tromp to eliminate support for nonmajority student populations have done so because they believe it is not the “Idaho Way.” I wish to offer an alternative perspective as the daughter of pioneers who have been in this state since another Republican – Lincoln – was president.

My Anglo-Saxon farming ancestors survived with help from the Shoshone-Bannocks. Americans of Mexican descent worked alongside European immigrant farmers. When I was a child, my town’s sheriff was Japanese and the neighboring town’s mayor was black. Pioneers must depend on each other. Of course, there has been tension, but cultural difference didn’t matter when the railroad looked for workers, spuds needed harvesting, and the Teton Dam broke. Living with, relying on and celebrating difference is the Idaho Way.

Dr. Tromp may hesitate to unpack in the face of the exclusionary words of a few politicians living in fear of “the other.” I wish to reassure her that she is surrounded by many true Idaho pioneers who celebrate being part of this state’s rich history. We are here to support her efforts to keep that heritage alive at BSU.

Jean Henscheid, Star

Kustra, Risch

Kudos to Bob Kustra and the Idaho Statesman for having the integrity to criticize Idaho Sen. Jim Risch’s intentional disregard of Russian interference in our elections (Idaho Statesman, July 5).

Sen. Risch is the Senate Foreign Relations Committee chair. Sen. Mitch McConnell is the Senate leader. Together that have thwarted every Senate attempt to investigate and stop the Russians from interfering in our elections. Blatantly ignoring Russia’s past and ongoing election interference is a threat to our democracy and an egregious insult to our nation.

Paul Oman, Moscow