Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Loneliness, immigration, President Trump


It’s hard to know what to suggest for making the world a better place, although there are many good people who want to. Here’s something which struck me: Just as many people find themselves lonely when a spouse dies or divorces them, but what about when a homosexual partner dies or leaves you? If you know someone who’s lost a loved one, send them a flower in empathy. It’s not saying you necessarily agreed with their lifestyle. Rather, “I’m sorry you’re lonely.” Loneliness hurts. Whether you’re heterosexual or homosexual. What more is there to say?

Bryn C. Hayes, Boise


While we just had the Fourth of July, the celebration of this country’s independence, we have no business touting our greatness or superiority while this country continues to inflict harm and terror on innocent children locked in cages without the basic necessities of life. Your silence and perpetuation of conditions which harm the most vulnerable of society is deafening. This country kidnapped children, took them away from parents, put them in unsanitary concentration camps without adult caring support, There is inadequate food or fluids, unsanitary bathrooms, no one to change diapers, inadequate areas for sleep, causing sleep deprivation. The result of these inhumane conditions, all done under the U.S. flag, is an insult to the people of this country, not to mention our flag and what the founders of this country sought to build. These acts may come under the heading of Crimes against Humanity, and crimes against the dignity of human beings. The irreparable harm being inflicted upon these children is intolerable. By your inaction you are guilty of these crimes. You are not upholding the Constitution of this country. These are impeachable offenses.

William Brown, Boise


A blustering, browbeating person especially: one who is habitually cruel, insulting, or threatening to others who are weaker, smaller, or in some way vulnerable. To treat someone in a cruel, insulting, threatening, or aggressive fashion. To use language or behavior that is cruel, insulting, threatening, or aggressive. (Definition of a bully from dictionary.)

I could go on but the point has been made. This describes our president, and those who cannot or choose not to believe it are fooling themselves. Surely we cannot be so blind as to not see what is happening to our country. Is your hatred of the last administration so bad that you can’t see through all the lies and propaganda Pres. Trump is putting out every day? The agencies that track the number of lies he says every day are not out to get him, they are just reporting the facts. I just hope the damage that has been done will not go on. We need a new person, one who is an adult not a child, to run the country. The final straw for me was his statement, “It would have been an honor to serve. But I think I make up for it now.”

Rex Robert McCoy, Boise


When I saw the headline on Eugene Robinson’s column, “narcissist Trump,” I thought, Here comes another smear on Trump, but I read how other presidents celebrated July 4th and thought, you know, he’s right, Trump is a narcissist, although he’s engaged in an occupation filled with narcissists. Narcissism goes with the territory.

However, Robinson’s claim that Trump said that Neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members are “very fine people” is a lie. In the press conference where Trump said there were very fine people on both sides, he specifically and unequivocally said that he was not referring to the Neo-Nazis and white nationalists; he said, “I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and white nationalists because they should be condemned totally.”

While Trump has a politician’s narcissist inclinations, he did not say Neo-Nazis and white nationalists are very fine people.

William Haller, Boise