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Letters to the editor: Politics, dignity of life, immigrants

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Thanks to the Idaho Statesman for printing the letters from Mr. Marsh and Ms. Shaw on June 30. You may laugh at such opinions but the scary fact is that this is what the new Republican Party’s platform is - fantasy, conspiracy and outright lies.

Republicans are God-fearing, Democrats are atheists and want “legal atheistic society by force.” Democrats are “criminalizing Christianity.” The only “religion” is Christianity. Other religions are not moral. The Founders of America were Evangelicals. Democrats harass and attack Republicans. Democrats are anti-Constitution. Democrats are following a “modern-day Nazi organization.” Democrats are socialists. The Nazis took away people’s guns.

All of these fantasies and more are just repetitions directly from such “prophets” as Limbaugh and Hannity, among others. These “conservative values” have nothing to do with conservatism. Republicans of the past would be horrified to see what the party now espouses. But put it on the radio, cable or the web and scared people will believe. The Republican Party had a choice to make to survive in the 21st century: become more inclusive of other races, sexes and religions; or lie, cheat, misinform and steal to remain in power. Guess what choice they made?

Eric Gironda, Boise

Dignity of life

The equality of man and woman should be dignity. Dignity of the human person calls for well-being in every dimension: economic, political, social, ecological and spiritual. The feminist movement and sexual revolution in part has made woman victims of objectivity, contributing to the unborn becoming victims. Objectivity hides the truth that women have a particular gift of caring, especially for the most vulnerable, reverence for welcoming new life. True feminism does not pit a woman against her own child, or tell women they need to abort their unborn baby to achieve power or equality with men.

Seeking power over men isn’t going to achieve dignity. Women need to look into their authentic self, not base decisions on convenience, or on what someone else or society pushes them to do. If so, we would not have the struggle to stop abortion, robbing children in the womb of life. Respecting the dignity of life is about loving and supporting all human life, helping people become the unique person they were created to be, giving them an opportunity to make a difference in society and in the world whether they are a man or a woman.

Tami Koenig, Boise


Please, Idaho Republicans, find some kindness in your hearts for the treatment of immigrants trying to cross the border. I am not in support of illegal migration, but I cannot stand by in silence when our government is using cruelty to deter migration. They have children sleeping on the ground without a pad or blanket. Twenty-six kids crowd into a 10 x 15 foot enclosure without room to lie down. It has been reported that running water is not available. Some people were told to just drink from the toilet. Little kids have no diapers or clean clothes. The food is inadequate for their nutritional needs. They are beginning to come down with illnesses partly due to these inhumane conditions, which are known to promote the spread of disease. You may wonder if these stories of horrific conditions are true. Ask yourself why were elected officials denied access to the “camps” when they showed up to check on conditions there. Again, Idahoans, please, tell your representatives to stop the cruelty. Do we want to abandon all Christian values and allow the cruelty to proceed with blind eyes? What would Jesus say about that?

Lynn Olson, Middleton