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Letters to the editor: Medicare for all, Idaho Virtual Academy

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Write a letter to the editor or submit a guest opinion. Publisher Rebecca Poynter explains how.

Medicare for all

Yesterday I saw the first commercial that was anti-Medicare for all. The advertisement gives the impression that people will have a long waiting period for needed medical attention. First of all, you have to look at who is paying for this advertisement. United Healthcare posted a profit of $1 billion in one quarter. Now, do you think they want to lose that profit, and what do you think they will do to try and save it? They will do all they can, they will lie if necessary. It’s up to you to first look at who is paying for the advertisement.

Now, I would like to see Medicare financed with Medicare tax being applied to 100% of income. People should have to pay a premium monthly, and only those that are truly desperate will be exempt. But think of what kind of savings this would be if all governments had to pay these premiums. Would your state tax drop, would your property tax drop? If you have your insurance through your employer, what do you think he will do when he finds out he can save thousands with Medicare for all?

Jerry Johnson, Payette

Idaho Virtual Academy

I was getting bullied at my brick-and-mortar school to the point where I was losing focus in my classes. I enrolled in online school to reclaim the freedom the bullies were trying to take away from me. Little did I know that the new environment would bring so many opportunities. On my first day at Idaho Virtual Academy, I was the shyest kid in my class. This year, I graduated as class valedictorian.

I do not regret a moment spent taking my online classes. The online environment allowed me to learn at my own pace, and find my passion for engineering. I even started earning college credits while still in high school. I’m graduating with a 4.26 GPA and two years of college credits completed – this will help me save time and money when I attend the University of Idaho to continue my education in biomedical engineering.

With the experiences I’ve had, I know I’m prepared to take on the academic challenges that are ahead of me. I owe that confidence to my experiences at my online school. Good luck to other seniors that graduated from IDVA.

Steven Rougeux, Post Falls