Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Trump and Iran, property taxes

Trump and Iran

The Iranians were abiding by the nuclear agreement. Trump trashed it, and imposed crippling sanctions against the will of the international community. Trump designated the Republican Guard a terrorist organization against the advice of the US military. He has no strategy. We put Iran in a bad corner; they are behaving predictably. Negotiate? Why should they trust us when we trashed the last deal? Mathis is gone. Bolton thinks regime change is a good idea, as if the Iranians will suddenly revolt if attacked by us? The Senate Republicans have repeatedly blocked efforts to curb Trump’s war powers. King Baby needs a distraction. For the moment, he is pretending to act like the soul of discretion. He’s just waiting for a better time – it’s always some “incident.” Then it will be: “They left us no choice.”

God help us. The Middle East is a powder keg. No countries back our position. If we strike at Iran, we have no ability to control the response. They are angry, well-armed and backed by Russia. They can sink some tankers or shell Americans in Iraq or strike at Israel. Then what? A third Middle East war we can’t control or end? Stop him now.

Robert Elgee, Hailey

Donald Trump has described the treaty between Iran, the U.S., China, France, the UK, Russia and Germany to limit Iran’s nuclear program as “the worst deal ever.” He has a better idea: war.

The plan starts with provoking Iran and alienating our allies. But not to fear. We have a staunch supporter in Saudi Arabia. After all, they owe us a favor for not condemning the crown prince when he lured a political dissenter to the Saudi embassy and sliced his body to pieces.

As Secretary of State Pompeo correctly notes, the U.S. gets very little of its energy supplies from Persian Gulf countries. Yet the administration is trying to rally international outrage against Iran.

We should listen to the collective voice of 60 bipartisan security experts who correctly note, “the U.S. unilateral withdrawal (from the treaty) significantly undermines America’s national security and has fueled momentum for a possible new conflict in the Middle East.” Unless that is, indeed, the plan.

William Rice, Boise

Property taxes

Fall of 2002 we moved to Meridian, retiring after 25-plus years of teaching in Alaska. The move seemed fair, cost of living very reasonable and property taxes fair to the retired. We are living on 40% of the 2002 wages we received as teachers, and have worked several small jobs and built a personal business, which we sold one year ago. ... We purchased a 1,500-square-foot ranch-style home upon moving here and until now have been able to afford the taxes and utilities, etc. With the new increases in the property taxes we are now paying about the limit we can on fixed incomes and are afraid the continuous increases in property taxes will squeeze us out of our house. My mother-in-law is 87 and surviving in a 1,700-square-foot Meridian house also on a mid-1980s military retirement and no additional income. She will be squeezed out also. Is anyone aware of any protection for seniors on fixed incomes? This is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Robert Earl, Meridian