Letters to the Editor

Statesman Letters to the Editor for June 26

Idaho 16

In light of all the discussions and new of the rapid growth in Ada County, I would like to just add that much attention desperately needs to be given to Highway 16, the infamous two-lane highway to Emmett.

When we moved to the Foothills over 20 years ago, it was huge news to hear of a horrific crash, but now it’s more of a surprise there aren’t more. The people driving on this highway are downright rude, mean and have no regard for other human lives. I can’t even count the times that I’ve had to pull over to the side to avoid a head-on collision by someone taking a stupid chance to get around a line of slower traffic.

And the passing lane? Too short to really make a difference at certain times of the day. Today, a very impatient driver, despite the fact that I was going over the speed limit to keep away from him, was (no exaggeration) so close to my bumper, I was scared for my safety.

I am sick of it, Highway 16 drivers. Stop being inconsiderate, deadly drivers. Imagine if it was your family. Just stop it, please.

Kandy Hallstrom, Eagle

Yellow turn arrows

Regarding the article on the adjustment of left turn signals, it is sad that there are accident fatalities due to the left-turn traffic signal arrow issues. Drivers are given too many options for turning left, signals flash yellow, red or yellow, green or steady. Go back to making it a red (no turn), green (left right of way), then yellow advising it is about to turn red. Allowing people to dash between traffic with a yellow light is dangerous, and if there are multiple lanes, a car coming up the curb lane may not be seen if center lane traffic is stopped. Pedestrians may not be seen. In addition, some intersections have a completely different sequence of colors. Drivers learn by habit: This creates confusion when encountering a left turn signal. Someone stated that at different times of the day the signals change for traffic pattern, which is way too complicated. Please standardize the signals, and inform the public of what is being done. I have seen two wrecks on Hwy 44 and Eagle recently, and one on Chinden, all involving left turns. The signals need to be adjusted to avoid more serious accidents.

Bob Landre, Star

Who owns the West?

Boise made The New York Times front page Sunday in the article “Who Gets to Own the West?” It addresses billionaires buying up public land across Idaho and New Mexico, installing signs and gates while guarding their new property with armed security guards, citing God and conservancy while requiring applicants seeking permission to use their land to read their conservative website. Who else could Tesla have had in mind in their 1970s song “Signs”: “And the sign says long haired freaky people need not apply..... And the sign says anybody caught trespassing will be shot on sight; So I jumped the fence and I yelled at the house, hey! what gives you the right; To put up a fence and keep me out or to keep mother nature in; If god was here he’d tell it to your face man you’re some kind of sinner.”

Chris Deile, Idaho Falls


Everyone is hating the congestion that has engulfed Ada and Canyon counties. ACHD is trying to build us out of congestion. It is failing and citizens have to put up with the inconvenience that constructions projects create. The real way to put a cap on congestion is to jack up impact fees a lot, and stop issuing residential building permits altogether. On top of this the political people in Ada and Canyon counties (mayors and commissioners) should put their heads together and produce a comprehensive plan for mass transit. This used to be a nice place to live until hype (Chamber of Commerce) and congestion elsewhere pulled people off the coast and into Ada and Canyon counties.

Mayors, commissioners, time to push back and serve the people who would rather not have every amenity. The political types should get their heads out of a dark place and see what is really going on.

Joseph Gallagher, Boise