Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


In every group, there always seems to be a few that give the entire group a bad rap. So to those campers who come to the Grimes/Clear Creek area and leave your trash behind, quit being lazy and irresponsible and start being decent humans by showing pride in your state and consideration to the rest of the group who do it right.

Chris Henretty, Boise


Kudos to Rex Robert McCoy for having the courage to write a letter expressing his frustration at having a commander in chief who knows nothing about the sacrifices our veterans make. To watch and listen as President Trump insults Sen. John McCain is especially galling to to those of us who admired McCain for his honesty and service to the United States.

Covering the name of the USS John S. McCain with a tarp when it was in port while Trump visited Japan shows the infantile mentality of the White House. The same mentality that continues to insult McCain and other noted Republicans like Barbara Bush, Jon Huntsman, Jeff Sessions, and literally anyone who ever said anything negative about Donald Trump.

Shame on Trump, his White House aides, and every Republican who defends that infantile behavior.

Paul Oman, Moscow

Big Bang Theory

Nowadays, many an article is available from various venues including, but not limited to, internet news feeds which discuss various ins & outs of the Big Bang Theory. Reading these articles can be very elucidating as to how all that relates to the General Theory of Relativity, String Theory, the quest for Singularity, and even how Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computing indirectly and directly play into it all.

Some of these writings will deal with what happened before the Big Bang itself. This can be real interesting. What happened, in London, to Richard Dawkins (a notorious atheist) seems to govern how before the Bang is now dealt with. You see, he was met with uproarious laughter when suggesting that randomly, accidentally, absolutely everything suddenly sprang from absolutely nothing.

Now, it is believed by some that God, who is at least supernatural, spoke absolutely everything from absolutely nothing; that is, the void. This is what believers can conceptualize that nonbelievers cannot.

William R. Place, Boise

Debt problem

Peter Crabb’s May 30 article, “Congress Avoids the Debt Problem,” could more accurately be entitled “Congress Creates the Debt Problem.” It was created by passing a Republican $1.5 trillion tax cut that mostly benefits wealthy individuals and large corporations. A short list of corporations paying no federal taxes last year, and often receiving a tax rebate, include Netflix, Amazon, Chevron, Delta Airlines, Eli Lilly, General Motors, Goodyear, Halliburton, IBM, US Steel and Whirlpool. Tax cuts were sold under the pretense of paying for themselves, in other words, “trickle-down economics.” Not surprisingly the deficit has exploded, and is projected to double from what it was in 2016.

Crabb’s solution is the typical Republican response: “We have no choice but to cut Social Security and Medicare.” If Crabb is truly looking for solutions, I suggest having the above listed corporations pay their fair share. We could also raise the income ceiling on Social Security. CEOs making tens of millions a year pay only on the first $132,900. The best solution to our “debt problem” would be to stop electing politicians, or listening to economists, whose only remedy is cutting taxes for the wealthy and cutting earned benefits for everyone else.

Dale M. Merrell, Boise