Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Mueller, Risch, Democrats, climate

Mueller investigation

Regarding Robert Mueller — Two years on and still nothing. Millions of taxpayer money wasted. Yet the real criminal, HRC, goes unscathed. The double standard is hiding in plain sight.

John Duncan, Nampa

Sen. Risch questions

I have researched Sen. Risch’s website in hopes that I could find a statement regarding President Trump’s latest actions. I would like to know:

▪  If you are supportive of the president’s move in requesting Mr. Sessions step down and appointing Matthew Whitaker to replace him?

▪  Do you think that the president is operating outside the rule of law; if not, why not?

▪  Would you support legislation to protect the Mueller investigation; if not, why not?

▪  Should Whitaker be allowed to oversee the Mueller investigation in light of his previous statements?

We may be far apart on our political viewpoints, but I am hopeful we can agree that checks and balances are vital to protecting our democracy. No one is above the law and if there is the slightest indication that our nation’s leaders are outside of it, legitimate investigations must be carried out.

At the very least, we the people of Idaho have a right to know the views of our political leaders.

Rita Sherman, Garden City


Born 1940 in Illinois, knifed in ’52 and shot in ’57 and taxed out in ’58, moved to “more conservative” LA area only to be taxed out again in ’76. Ah, conservative Idaho with a Democrat governor, what could be better? Again squeezed with higher taxes and a senior unfriendly downtown, plus a headline: “We flipped Ada County.” Guess we better look at Cheyenne now. The late (native) Les Burkett once confided to me that: “Liberal Democrats are like a flesh eating virus.” Les and I leaned more to the Constitution and centralism Democrat — like the way it used to be around here. Sad.

Robert Taylor, Boise


Last month’s report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was stark. The report outlines a fairly bleak forecast of the state of the world if carbon levels don’t drop significantly, and fast. While the report does paint a disturbing picture, it does outline plenty of ways you and I can help make a positive change. We don’t have to wait for the behemoth ship of the federal government to change course. Our food habits and spending choices, as well as the power of local and state leaders to enact change, can lead us towards a significant shift. Boise recently showed such leadership in committing city operations to 100 percent renewable energy by 2030. I applaud Boise for taking this step but also urge them — and other counties and municipalities — to go further and set 100 percent community-wide goals. If you’re able consider attending one of the city’s upcoming discussions on this very topic. Together we can ensure a healthy, more resilient world for our children and grandchildren. Let’s make our voices heard.

Kate Thorpe, Boise

Donald Trump

With the ever evolving news cycle, it’s hard to decide what to write about these days. I want to focus on how unfit for office our liar and chief is. A few short weeks ago there were pipe bombs sent to high profile people who have spoken out against Trump, including two former presidents. Trump’s reaction, blame the media. He never reached out to the victims of this frightening development to see how they were doing. He never took responsibility for his words inciting violence. Instead, he blamed the media, even though CNN was one of the recipients of these bombs. Next there were several shootings, including that at the Tree of Life synagogue. What did Trump do? He basically blamed the victims, stating that they should have had tighter security. Is it really freedom of religion, if you have to have an armed guard to make that happen? He also went out to Pittsburgh, even though the mayor asked him not to. Lately his attacks have been on the free press, refusing to answer some of the tough questions put to him, insulting the journalist instead. In these tough times we need leadership. Trump doesn’t provide it.

Michal Voloshen, Boise