Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Career readiness, Our Path Home, ACHD, Trump


As a 17-year-old entrepreneur, my dreams and ambitions are precocious. After launching my own custom fishing pole business, I felt a need to grab the reins of my high school education to ensure that I was learning business skills that would enhance my budding career. Now that I’m enrolled in career readiness courses at my online high school, Idaho Technical Career Academy (ITCA), I’m confident that I have gained skills that will help me thrive in college and beyond.

My career readiness courses immerse me in the ins and outs of the business field through rigorous coursework and experiential opportunities. My involvement in the Business Professionals of America (BPA) has given me insight and connected me with numerous like-minded business owners.

Thanks to my experiences at ITCA, I feel empowered to prosper with my business. After I graduate this May, I plan to attend college and expand my company. I’m incredibly thankful for my career readiness classes, as they have effectively prepared me for the expectations of running a business. Now, I have a pathway that I can follow in college and a vision of what’s next. Thanks to my career readiness courses, my road to success has been paved.

Corbin Broner, Emmett

Our Path Home

I read with interest the opinion of Ali Lander detailing “Our Path Home.” I agree that people who are homeless need intense, sustained social services that result in permanent housing. However, the core focus of any homelessness solution should be pathways to economic mobility. People want to, need to, and should work. When they cannot, solutions to their inability to earn an income need to be redressed. Creating programs that render people permanently dependent on social services should be a non-starter. This is not an either-or proposition. Solutions to homelessness must lead to pathways to work and home. Only this approach will create dignity, independence, and a permanent end to homelessness.

Will Rainford, Boise


ACHD is responsible for road improvements with one arm tied behind its back. In the Nov. 3 Idaho Statesman, the Statesman editorial recommended “vote no on higher car fees” and Boise Councilwoman Elaine Clegg expressed concern that the ACHD would not spend new money effectively and worried the ACHD would spend too much on road widening which would ease congestion for the short term only. I agree. If the ACHD and other Idaho jurisdictions with road improvement responsibilities were allowed to build High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes, everyone would win. People in vehicles with two or more people and buses could move efficiently during congested commute periods and those same lanes would otherwise be available to the general public and truckers. But the State Legislature has banned carpool lanes from counties with 25,000 or more residents — which are the exact population centers that would most benefit from such lanes. If traffic engineers were allowed to implement HOV lanes where appropriate, I would vote for more funds for those agencies. Otherwise I, too, am skeptical about the efficient use of additional funds — not because of malfeasance, but because engineers have one design arm tied behind their backs.

Noel Schoneman, Star

Donald Trump

Safe Water. Thankfully, that’s where we’re heading. For the last two years Captain Ahab has been wildly steering the USS United States on a mindless quest to find an iceberg to ram. Moby has been following in the distance, and on Nov. 6, truly one of the greatest days in American elections history, the people served notice to Ahab that Moby will soon ram him and his cadre of nut cases.

Hopefully, Nancy Pelosi, one of the most experienced, savvy, smartest politicians in Washington, will get the gavel back and show Ahab what true House investigations can do with competent, patriotic elected Democrats at the helm. The emasculated Senate Republicans won’t be of much help to Ahab the next two years, except to act as obedient cheerleaders and to give lame explanations to his bizarre visions and policies, his insufferable fascist pep rallies, and his mind-numbing sound bites and tweets.

Tom Yount, Boise