Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Synagogue shooting, Trump followers

Synagogue shooting

You have to listen to Rush and Savage if you want an education about propaganda. All they talk about is how everything is the liberals’ fault. The evil Democrats are behind it all to keep us from caring about the “liberal violence against conservatives,” which in their words is people yelling at conservatives in restaurants.

Trump wackos sending pipe bombs, Trump wackos murdering Jews? It’s all a liberal plot.

Hate speech is a First Amendment right.

Hate speech that inspires violence is a crime.

Lock them up.

Eric Gironda, Boise

Synagogue shooting

No, it’s not both sides. It’s the Republicans, the alt-right and Donald Trump’s fault.

Until we lay these atrocities at the feet of the people who are at fault, not shift it to everyone, the hate will never stop.

Stiofain Gael MacGeough, Pocatello

Synagogue shooting

Rabbi Mendel Lifshitz walked slowly up the synagogue isle of the Chabad Jewish Center, with a pause he looked out to his overflowing Boise congregation. His long sighs of anguish searched for the right words.

“At times like these we must gather.” That Monday evening we did gather, to listen, to feel a part of our hearts that were once again saddened.

Lifting us above the moment, Rabbi Lifshitz began sharing a story, an Auschwitz story, where his grandmother was dragged away to a death camp. There were no neighbors to help, their businesses closed down, no police to defend. “That was then, this is now, many stand behind us.”

“We Jews have been compared to an olive, when it is crushed, the best part comes out.” He added, “This is a time of action, we can write notes to the families ... the notes would be hand-delivered to the 11 families who live in Pittsburgh, the place of bridges, the city of steel.”

Following my evening with the rabbi, I unbend my thoughts of blame and remember his call to action, “find someone who is a little different than you.”

Jeannine A. Smith, Boise

Synagogue shooting

How ironic that some person so filled with hate would murder innocent Jews when it was a Jew who sacrificed himself for all people 2,000 years ago.

Walter Varnes, Nampa


Terrorist: Please say it.

The dictionary defines a terrorist as someone who unlawfully uses violence against individuals or groups to inspire fear.

Robert Bowers is not just a “shooting suspect.” He is a terrorist. Cesar Sayoc is not just “an accused bomber.” He is a terrorist. Stephan Paddock was not just a “64 year-old retiree and local resident (Las Vegas).” He was a terrorist.

It is time we started identifying these angry, violent men as the terrorists they are.

Sydney Youngerman-Cole, Boise