Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Medicaid expansion, Brett Kavanaugh


An opinion piece on Medicaid expansion by Russ Hendricks in the summer edition of Idaho Farm Bureau Quarterly became an exercise in rationality with this paragraph. “According to the White House, healthy, able-bodied adults already comprise 59 percent of all housing subsidy recipients, 67 percent of food stamp recipients, and 61 percent of Medicaid recipients.”

Housing assistance, food stamp, and Medicaid programs are income-based, meaning applicants get into the program based on income not an assessment of their ability to work. Even though government programs collect medical information in the Medicaid program it would be illegal to share personal medical information with other departments or make assessments about the applicant’s health. Therefore by reasoning we can see that this information is either patently false or a gross misunderstanding of the information and therefore has lost its credibility.

We all need to use our God-given reasoning powers to assess the information we get, no matter the source. A public platform has been used to spread misinformation. Mr. Hendricks needs to work harder at finding legitimate sources or maybe he should stick to topics he might have more experience with like the farm bill or tariffs.

Carol Haddock, Meridian

Medicaid expansion

Kerry Uhlenkott, the legislative coordinator for Right to Life of Idaho, claims you should not support Medicaid expansion because it would increase Planned Parenthood’s ability to provide abortion services. This claim is not based on facts. Women who have access to contraception are less likely to have unintended pregnancies. In fact, as access to contraception has increased the abortion rate has dropped. Right to Life is going about this all wrong.

According to U.S News and World Report:

“The rate at which women are getting abortions has dropped across the developed world as access to effective contraception has increased, according to a new report, which also concludes that laws restricting abortions do not result in the procedure occurring less frequently, merely less safely.

“Abortion rates have significantly declined over the last 25 years in countries that have made contraception more easily available, according to a Guttmacher Institute report published Tuesday.”

Please, don’t let inaccurate information persuade you to vote against Medicaid expansion for deserving Idahoans.

Pamela Rybus, Boise

Brett Kavanaugh

There was one thing very clear in that long day of testimony over Judge K’s fitness for the Supreme Court. He has not lived much in the world we know. He is just now learning that life is unfair and cruel. After a lifetime of privilege, this prep school wonder thinks it is a national disgrace that he has suffered cruel treatment. A national disgrace? Hold the presses. The world is unfair. Does he sound like someone who could see the world through the eyes of a minority kid from the south Bronx, or Laredo, Texas? How about a single mom in rural Kentucky? I don’t think so.

Kevin Geraghty, Boise