Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: American divisions, Trump, car vs. bike

American divisions

The causes of America’s intense tribalistic divisions are many. Let us put to rest the abortion issue as a beginning to lessen divisions. Rather than rewarding expressions of outrage such as the “War on Women” or the “Baby Killing Left,” think of the concept of a selective service conscientious objector.

America is littered with our government sending antiwar conscientious objectors to prison and mental institutions. Some were executed. Some were hunted down and shot. This is a sad example of the tyranny of the majority, a basic challenge of democracy. America, among other liberal societies, corrected this by allowing conscientious objectors to serve their respective countries in alternate forms.

For those who specifically identify as pro-life, transfer their involuntary tax-related support for abortion services to non-related substitutes. We do not have to choose between the extremes of pro-choice and pro-life. Create a gradation of taxing options. An example of one gradation choice is birth control measures with limited abortions and enhanced adoption support.

Thoughtful reflective compromise will break down the strain of partisan divisions. Keep liberal democracy alive and well.

Gerald Weitz, DDS, Viola

Donald Trump

Donald Trump not only wants to be America’s last president, he wants to become America’s first dictator. I’m reasonably sure this would be acceptable to his base. But know this, for the most part, dictators are hateful, cruel people. They answer to no one and that would be right up Trump’s alley. Dictators have more power than presidents, in part because they are judge, jury, and executioner. Again, this would be right up Trump’s alley. For those who don’t think this can be done, know this, it’s been done before, not in America. Therein lies the challenge for Trump to be America’s first dictator. Ask yourself why he admires Putin and Kim Jong Un so much.

Roy Lunsford, Kuna

Car vs. bike

To the very nice lady in the red Subaru who almost killed me today in front of the Pac-Out Burger on Bogus Basin Road — Maybe check your mirrors or look over your shoulder before you whip into the bike lane to cut through the parking lot. We all understand that your time is more valuable than ours, and sitting at a red light for 20 seconds is a horrible waste of your time. Thank you for your consideration.

Jason Tonn, Boise