Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Celebrities, immigrants, eminent domain, Steve Berch

Celebrity rants

Some might dismiss the daily profane, vulgar, delusional rants by celebrities against the president as nothing more than ignorant spoiled brats throwing temper tantrums. I, however, see it as pure genius.

How, you may ask? Because these are the smartest and most compassionate human beings on Earth. Just ask them; they’ll tell you. And they know that the Democrat Party can’t gain national power just by winning coastal states. They need at least part of Middle America.

And what better way to appeal to the hard-working folks in the Heartland than with a torrent of F-bombs, calling for the president’s children to get raped, urging the White House to be blown up, displaying Trump’s bloody severed head, referring to the president’s daughter using crude terminology for female genitalia, emulating Nazi salutes — all capped off with standing ovations at award shows.

You think Trump is rude, crude and vulgar? Just get a load of us, America. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Brilliance. Sheer brilliance. If that doesn’t get those Wal-Mart shopping yokels circling the block to vote Democrat, what will?

Hooray for Hollywood.

Phil Bridges, Nampa

Illegal immigration and crime

Mollie Tibbetts’ family members asked politicians and media to not politicize or use the tragedy of her murder for propaganda. No surprise that right wing media and politicians immediately did exactly that. The right and alt-right including D. Trump have consistently demonized illegal and legal immigrants from Mexico and other third world (you know what he called them) as threats to be eliminated. The truth is that illegal or recent legal immigrants pose far less of a threat to you than native born Americans. In 2016 in Texas for example, the illegal immigrant conviction rate for homicide was 44 percent below that of native-born Americans. This is consistent with other studies nationwide and probably represents a worst case since Texas is an overwhelmingly red state with high rates of legal and illegal immigration. There are good reasons to want a just and compassionate immigration policy, after all we are all immigrants and it is what made America great. But reject the haters who are using Mollie Tibbetts’ murder to promote a xenophobic and racist agenda, it’s what’s right.

Thomas Buchta, Boise

Eminent domain

Here we are again with BSU’s reputation with the eminent domain monster. I question it also whether a baseball field constitutes a necessary benefit to the public. BSU is the one who wants it. It’s not going to be big enough to be called a stadium. Here is a smarter idea. They have a big stadium right nearby that already has four things going for it. It has lighting, seats, scoreboard, and sound system. Albertsons stadium stays pretty much dormant most of the year until football season. Why not do like other stadiums have done and convert one end during baseball season? It would probably be cheaper than having to buy people out, do demolition, and than have to build what is already available to them?

Wes Peckham, Boise

Elect Steve Berch

As a native Idahoan and long-time resident of District 15, I am pleased to support Steve Berch for Representative in the Idaho Legislature. I have known Steve for many years, and he consistently impresses me with his intelligence, work ethic, business acumen and leadership skills. As a husband and father, Steve knows the importance of building strong and safe communities in which young and old alike can thrive and prosper.

Steve is an independent thinker and problem-solver who can work with Republicans, Democrats and Independents to move Idaho forward. I urge all my friends and neighbors in District 15 to join me in voting for Steve Berch this November.

Betty Richardson, Boise