Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Energy, eminent domain, Trump, Kendra Kenyon

Energy and climate change

Thanks to the Idaho Statesman for the recent articles about energy and climate change. The Aug. 16 issue included a timely article about our unhealthy smoke problem and how it will get worse because of human-caused climate change. The Statesman also recently reported that Idaho violated the constitutional rights of landowners who were forced into an unjust oil and gas leasing agreement, according to a federal judge. The oil and gas industry poses risks to air and water, much more than clean energy industries like solar and wind. The Aug. 15 Business Insider included Jerry Brady’s opinion about the negative effect of climate change on tourism in Idaho. Without snow and clean summer air, will Idaho be able to attract tourists in the future? Climate change is bad for our economy. A fee on fossil fuels would help to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions which are the cause of climate change. With a fee on carbon, clean energy sources would become more attractive to consumers. The economy would become stronger, as long as the fees collected are returned to the people in the form of a dividend. A carbon fee and dividend policy is needed to protect Idaho’s future.

Elizabeth Roberts, Eagle

Eminent domain

The State Board of Education and Boise State University have vastly different views of “eminent domain” than I do. We agree “eminent domain” allows access to land for the “greatest public good.” Highways are good examples. Building a baseball stadium is not. Attendees will be charged. Many can’t afford tickets. Government taking of property is a violation of individual rights. Is a baseball field close to BSU important enough to usurp property owner rights? These property owners face potential loss of livelihood. How do you adequately compensate property owners who lose a reliable apartment income stream or a religious center without parking. Parking will be provided for game attendees. BSU could easily provide an equal amount of parking to the religious center. I attended spring training in Arizona. The Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamond Razorbacks share a gorgeous stadium built by two tribal nations. BSU could “play ball” with the community by sharing the new stadium proposed for the Boise Hawks. The City and BSU could identify a creative approach to provide high quality baseball without building two costly stadiums less than five miles apart. The State Board and BSU are striking out in community relations, collaboration and neighborliness.

Julia E. Robinson, Boise

Donald Trump

Those who are old enough to remember the rise of Hitler best get your history books out and start reading. Our so-called “president” is following lockstep with Hitler’s speeches and ideas and by convincing the people of this country the press is the enemy of the people.

The silent enochs in Congress are condoning his vileness, debasement of all races, name calling of anyone who disagrees with his policies. Everything is “fake news” other than the lies he spews from his mouth.

Wake up people, our freedoms will be gone before you know it and if you don’t care, I am sure Putin would welcome you to his country.

Jayne McHargue, Payette

Elect Kendra Kenyon

As a former traffic engineer and former Ada County engineer, I am writing this letter in support of Kendra Kenyon for a seat on the Ada County Board of County Commissioners. After meeting with Ms. Kenyon, I am convinced she has the education and career experience to lead Ada County and the six cities in this time of unparalleled growth.

Much of the current development is happening in unincorporated Ada County. It is apparent that little to no consideration is being given to infrastructure impacts this growth will have. Roads and streets, especially, will be negatively impacted by growth, as proper planning and funding of necessary improvements are not implemented by agencies such as ITD and ACHD. This will require planning and coordination by these agencies, as well as the county, cities, COMPASS and others. To date, this has been lacking and as a result, the residents of Ada County are at risk of losing their quality of life due to congested and unsafe roadways.

Please visit kendra4ada.com. I believe you will agree that she will make an ideal County Commissioner. I encourage you to register to vote and vote in November. Our quality of life depends on it.

Jim Farrens, Garden City