Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Trump

Donald Trump

Our president has gone too far. Unchecked he is revoking security clearance of everyone who opposes him. Unchecked he is calling for the shutdown of a free press. Unchecked he is dividing our country. Trump rallies put the First Amendment in grave danger as he calls for attacks on everyone who does not support him. Judge Ellis needed U.S. Marshals to protect him because he was receiving threats over the Manafort case. The United States is supposed to be a free country, but Trump and his cronies are turning it into a dictatorship. Our Constitution sets out the checks and balances of the three branches of our government. Where are our representatives? They are supposed to be the checks and balances of government. But Trump has weakened the Legislative and Judicial branches of government and empowered the Executive branch. When all three branches are complicit and corrupt we no longer have a democracy. Our president is corrupt, weakening two branches of government, while destroying the checks and balances that have worked in the past. The land of the free looks like the land of tyranny and corruption. Without a free press we have no democracy.

Joan Ehrnstein, Meridian

Donald Trump

Given the sheer number of negative/toxic letters, editorials and cartoons published in the Idaho Statesman’s Opinion section about President Trump, I am left with the distinct perception that a majority of its contributors vehemently hate this president. It may shock these people’s sensibilities to know that many of us continue to love and support Donald J. Trump as president. This president has championed the United States of America over the interests of other countries. We support his agenda and policies which have led toward limited taxes, limited regulation and limited government. It is Trump’s tireless efforts that have resulted in strong economic growth, low unemployment, a steady currency, and fairer trade policies. All Americans benefit from these successes. I for one will not be cowed into silence by the unhinged vitriolic hate of the left or by Republican/Democrat bureaucrats who espouse “business as usual” in the deep state over the well-being of the people. Thank you Mr. President for making America great again.

Michael Chew, Eagle