Letters to the Editor

Letters: Electronics, listening, transit and kindness

The Android Snatchers have stolen our children.

Technology is cheaper than traditional child care, but what are the potential, long-term side effects of an iPad babysitting your child?

“The US Department of Health and Human Services estimates that American children spend a whopping seven hours a day in front of electronic media. Other statistics reveal that kids as young as two regularly play iPad games and have playroom toys that involve touch screens.” (Thompson, 2016)

It’s becoming another needless epidemic and one that unfortunately isn’t getting the much-needed social attention it deserves.

Pros: Fine tuning the ol’ motor skills, learning cause and effect, and occupying children on long road trips.

Cons: Obesity, might tend to be less sociable and addiction.

I’ve witnessed children fighting over who gets the cell or iPad next. I’ve seen parents allow their children to sit in front of the computer for hours; sometimes even encouraging them to go watch TV because they didn’t have or make time for outdoor recreation.

Over a period, addiction is possible and behavioral issues set in. Parents are being disrespected by their children when trying to crack down by saying no to electronics.

Moderation is best.

Kelly Caufield, Nampa

Listen to others

Facts are insufficient. Seeing is no longer believing. Politicians lie. The news media is biased. Companies hide harmful information to protect their bottom line. Scientists do whatever it takes to ensure the results of their experiments meet the predetermined results of those funding their research grant. There’s more information, and more media bombarding us than ever before, and so we wisely ask ourselves, “who can I trust?” The problem is our answer: We blindly accept information from sources we trust, and just as blindly deny facts from sources we don’t. Call it tribalism. Call it post-truth. Either way, we can no longer have a truly informed vote because we don’t even recognize the facts. Nor can we solve any significant problems (and there are plenty) because doing so requires determining the true source of the problem, and what will positively change the outcome. News flash: Your tribe isn’t perfect. Is it realistic that your group is totally honest, and the other is totally deceitful? How do we proceed through this mess? Be open to the possibility that anything you read/hear could be true or false, despite who it comes from. We need the humility to truly listen to others.

John Crow, Boise

Mass transit

The recent modifications to the road system in Ada County do not seem to be improving congestion. These are engineered fixes and not actual improvements. ACHD is prohibited from dealing with any mass transit options so they continue to execute engineered modification hoping they improve congestion. The political entities in the county could actually create decent mass transit that would reduce congestion. But that would take cooperation and compromise. And since growth now includes Nampa and Caldwell, mass transit solutions need to incorporate those towns as well. The city of Boise is the big dog in all this and should take the lead. Instead the city seems more interested in baseball parks, parking meters and a new library. The citizens of Southwest Idaho deserve a decent mass transit system now.

Joseph Gallagher, president, Glenwoodrim Neighborhood Association, Boise

Thank you

In the midst of so much negative news, I would like to relay an incident of kindness I experienced. Thanks goes to the owner and employees of the Foglifter Cafe in McCall. After eating breakfast I drove home to Boise. When I arrived I realized I had left my purse in the cafe. I was leaving on vacation in two days and would need my ID. I called the cafe and the owner offered to take my purse to the UPS store immediately and have it sent to me. He did not want any reimbursement. I was so thankful that it arrived the very next day fully intact. Even if you are not the type who leaves their purse, I recommend eating at the Foglifter Cafe in McCall. Good food and honest people.

Connie Merrell, Boise