Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Polls, Mueller investigation

Results of polls

I have a feeling that all the polls we see on the support of the president on different things are going to fool people into thinking he has all that popular support when, in fact, the people who respond to the polls are Republicans. When I see one of the polls, I don’t answer them because then I get e-mail from Democrats asking for money to support a candidate. I remember how everyone was so sure Hillary was going to win until the last few hours. People don’t vote because they think their candidate is going to win. So don’t be surprised if many of the Republicans running for midterm offices lose to Democrats. Just saying.

Rex McCoy, Boise

Trump and Mueller

We may soon face a situation in which a president whose campaign is under investigation for collaboration with a hostile foreign power’s sabotaging of our democracy, and who has gone to enormous lengths to both scuttle that investigation and to publicly vindicate that foreign power, seeks to avoid questioning on these matters with the help of the Justice he just appointed, possibly (given what we know about Trump) in part for this very reason.

Our elected officials must support the truth. Support our legal system, and let the Mueller investigation go forward.

We need an impartial Court now more than ever, and having the Judges hand picked by Trump could affect the outcome of the verdict if that is what eventually comes out of all of this.

Americans deserve justice. We need to trust our judicial system. Governor Otter and Senators Risch and Crapo should use their influence to protect us.

Marlene Hunt, Nampa