Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Horse racing, Trump

Horse racing

County fair season is upon us. Families are planning their weekends around the summer rituals that the fair brings, whether it’s showing 4-H animals or simply enjoying the rides and food. But the one thing missing this year is live horse racing.

When lawmakers pulled the plug on historical horse racing terminals in 2015, they did not see the long-term negative impacts. Horse racing at Les Bois is gone and is greatly reduced at fairs due to lack of entries caused by a lack of purse funding. This cause and effect is only going to get worse. Rescinding instant racing has also affected funding for 4-H and FFA, youth programs that allow for education outside of the classroom.

Horse racing is a part of Idaho — at Les Bois, at the fairs and rural communities. A “Yes” vote on Prop 1 restores the horse racing industry and brings back the traditions woven into the fabric of Idaho’s culture and heritage.

Marta Loveland, Caldwell


Like Nixon supporters before them, most who supported Trump were just supporting their party’s nominee. But as compelling criminal evidence unraveled, America realized that it was time for Nixon to go. Even Nixon himself was patriotic enough to step down, sparing America further humiliation.

As Trump’s inner circle of power brokers fall one by one for serious crimes, all patriotic Americans must face the compelling evidence that it’s time for Trump to step down (note: historically, mob bosses have always maintained several layers of protection from prosecution ... they simply have all their subordinates carry out the crimes ... exactly what happened with Nixon and now Trump).

Look at the people who show up at Trump rallies en masse — neo-Nazis, white supremacists — intolerance peddlers of every persuasion. Is this really what American patriotism has been reduced to?

Don’t count on Trump being as patriotic as Nixon. As impeachment looms, his vindictive, vengeful nature will manifest. Remember Saddam Hussein setting Kuwait’s oil fields aflame as he went down? Trump will go after the environment, too ... and humanity’s most vulnerable citizens.

Trump has literally flipped Kennedy’s renowned refrain to (sic): “Ask not what you can do for your country; ask what your country can do for you ....”

Michael Howard, Boise