Letters to the Editor

Letters: Democrats, Laurene Sorenson, Idaho Department of Lands

Vote Democrats

As the rich get richer and working people struggle financially, resentment grows and creates instability in our country. The wealthy are skilled at protecting their privileges by dividing their opposition into fighting each other.

Resentment increases inequality and is not a solution to anything.

Instability may lead to economic depression or even to war. But government has the power to make changes such as health care and quality education should not be privileges reserved for the wealthy. If we direct them to make such changes. And soon.

Change must happen; our future depends on it. Without change, our great state of Idaho stays at the bottom of many rankings. We and our children deserve better.

Don’t just vote a straight party ticket because “that’s what I’ve always done.” Know that powerful interests are trying to maintain their power by manipulating your thinking.

Idaho Democrats have some experienced, smart, caring, hard-working candidates such as Paulette Jordan for governor, Jill Humble for secretary of state, Cindy Wilson for superintendent of schools, and Aaron Swisher for Congress.

You know change is needed, so be brave, and vote for positive choices. You can register to vote at the polls on Nov. 6.

Betty Slifer, Filer

Vote Laurene Sorenson

The future of Idaho will one day be in the hands of our children. We owe them and our state the best possible chance for success. An important key to that is a quality education. Laurene Sorenson believes in the importance of investing in Idaho’s K-12 public schools. To meet the fiscal challenge, she can rely on experience with government finance law and public management to find creative sources of funding. Her work with mediation will enable Lorene to effectively communicate with both sides of the aisle to reach her goals. She understands that a well-educated, job-ready populace can attract more business to Idaho and increase employment opportunities. Laurene is pro-education and pro-business. She wants to see wages increase as Idaho grows and prospers. If you want to see better schools, more job opportunities and higher wages, vote for Laurene Sorenson, Idaho House of Representatives District 5, seat B on Nov. 6.

Frances Rodriguez, Moscow

Thank you

My thanks go out to the Idaho Department of Lands, whose quick response and good efforts prevented the Gardena fire from crossing Jerusalem Road recently. Were it not for their good work my cabin could have gone up in smoke along with eight miles of timber from the river to Hawley Mountain.

I’ve never complained much about Idaho taxes. The value provided us by our streets, schools and social services seems to far exceed the tax burden that allow them. After the Department of Lands’ success in saving my cabin I am now thinking that Idaho taxes are the best bargain in my life.

So, a big thank you to all the men and women who fought the fire on the ground, in the air and also at the fire management tables. And while I’m at it, a big thank you to all our Idaho state employees who work hard to make our lives a little better. May you all be well and happy.

Don Kemper, Boise