Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Electoral College, FM radio, The Cabin, Trump

Electoral College

I still keep hearing liberals, after 1-1/2 years, complain about the Electoral College. I agree that the Electoral College should be reformed or abolished, but the argument that Trump “stole” the election because he didn’t win the popular vote is invalid. If the election had been based on popular vote, we don’t know how many non-voters in states like California and New York would have voted or how many third party voters would have voted for Trump. If we abolish the Electoral College and replace it with the popular vote, I would suggest it require over 50 percent to win and include an “instant runoff” aspect that would bring that about. Remember, Bill Clinton was elected twice with less than 50 percent. Since abolition would require a Constitutional amendment (very unlikely), each state currently has the ability to determine how Electors are chosen. Forty-eight currently use the “winner-take-all” system that led to Trump’s election. Maine and Nebraska each give the winner of the state two Electors, with one Elector going to the winner of each Congressional district. Let’s have the Democrats in California and New York, who overwhelmingly control these states, set an example by moving away from the “winner-take-all” system.

Andrew Asdell, Boise

FM radio

The self-proclaimed best rock in Idaho has an extensive playlist.

Ozzy Osbourne. Then something else.

Heart. Then something else.

Ozzy Osbourne. Then something else.

Heart. Then something else.

And on and on, same old stuff over and over. Get a grip and start playing real rock.

Michael Duncan, Nampa

Save The Cabin

In the borough where I grew up we had the same argument between preservation versus progress as you have today in Boise with The Cabin and library expansion. In a city where square footage costs is the highest in the nation, our finger on the hand is three miles by five miles. In those 15 square miles we had more people than all of Idaho today. Space is a premium in the Bronx.

In spite of our congestion the leaders had enough sense to keep and preserve the residence of Edgar Allen Poe. It is preposterous to me that the space occupied by The Cabin will be terminated for lawn space. Build around and or connect the two buildings as in a portal from old to new.

If Idaho is the “Gem State,” the Cabin is the jewel of Boise.

John Lipareli, Boise

Donald Trump

Trump has attacked our allies and closest friends. He’s working to weaken NATO, our foremost defensive alliance. He has shown no interest in the Russian meddling in our elections despite the conclusion of all of our intelligence agencies that Russia did interfere and preferred Trump. Putin has taken over other countries by force, and Trump is OK with that. He believes what Putin says. He openly admires Putin and other murderous dictators around the world. He refused to have any other American in the room with him during his meeting with the Russian dictator. Finally, his nomination for the Supreme Court has written multiple times that the president is essentially above the law. Trump appears to be, quite simply, a Russian operative right in front of our faces. It is disgraceful that our own Congressional Delegation — Risch, Labrador, Simpson and Crapo — remain silent on these traitorous moves. They are giving up America’s most basic principles, just to keep a Republican in the White House. We need to replace all of these complicit “representatives” with those who will stand up for this country.

Terrell David Rich, Boise